You might need a little extra encouragement today, Virgo. 



Financial endeavours and making those final payments for your education should be put on hold for another day or so. Towards the evening time, connections with your partner or boss could become very strained. The travel bug could get you today and the desire to explore and expand your horizons will be very prominent.


While having a thirst for adventure is great, the time may have come to draw a line in the sand and embrace a more sophisticated approach to life. The afternoon is a good time to weigh up whether the chances you have been taking lately are worth it or not. If you are planning on investing some money then, buying property or starting a business could be successful ventures.


The morning time may bring with it some aggression on someone else’s part; however you can relax in the knowledge that it has nothing to do with you. Although we all have our own individual likes and dislikes, avoid limiting yourself to your tastes and those of your partner only. If rejection is one of the things holding you back from exploring new ideas; don’t be so fearful.


Throughout the day, the realities of home and family life will become very demanding of you. The way you react to the things and the people you surround yourself with, is becoming increasingly delayed.  If someone offends us or hurts our feelings, we have two options; either forget about the incident and move forwards or tell them how they have made us feel, and let them know that their conduct is not acceptable.


Before the early afternoon, you will have plenty of time to get all daily chores out of the way and enjoy a little bit of leisure time too! If the things that brought you and your partner close at the beginning of your relationship are no longer there, then it is wise to be truthful about this and move forwards on friendly terms.


Encouragement and inspiration will be in short supply today, so if you are not feeling 100% or a little underwhelmed by your own capabilities, then it’s a good idea to stay away from any risky endeavours. Don’t look to other people for comfort and reassurance; be your own boss and do it with confidence.


Today will have some tests and tribulations that you will have to face (some of which could be a little unpleasant), but thankfully these will be rather mild in the morning hours.  Making tough decisions about the future is hard to do alone, but be cautious that the people who surround you don’t influence your choices too strongly.


The attempts you make to become financially successful today will not be as rewarding as you had hoped they would be and also your own actions could be a source of disappointment. Concentrate on forming a plan that will secure you a comfortable future and what you need to do to achieve this.


Having an attractive personality and good manners don’t always guarantee a favourable outcome. Nevertheless you should always endeavour to be polite and tactful at all times. But by the evening time you might start to believe that your gentle nature could be working against you. Adventures will have to wait for a little while until your more pressing priorities are out of the way.


Today could mark the end of a secretive hobby or activity that you have been involved in lately. Past experiences, particularly if they have anything to do with romance or a relationship of some sort, could be hindering your chances of success and stopping you from advancing further in your career.


Throughout the day the conversations you have with your associates are sure to make the right impression, but financial difficulties are likely. Be cautious of people who seem ‘too’ friendly as they may try to take advantage of you good nature. A situation that appears too much to bear can be lightened greatly with the help of friends.


Take it easy and chill out before the evening comes. By all means get out and have fun, but know when to stop and where to draw the line. An unexpected opportunity could allow you to create a better outlook for the future. Have a think about what you could do to improve these chances; a makeover and a smart sense of style are always beneficial.