You may be lacking some emotion today, Cancer.



Aries, this Thursday there is a big chance your controlling side will make an appearance whereby you will be inclined to take charge of a situation and possibly even undermine the work that other people have done. Be careful how you approach this as others may not appreciate it.


Today Taurus may notice a change in their mood and overall demeanour. This is not necessarily a bad thing however, it simply means that you may be acting a little differently or more like someone else. You will be determined and dependable as always.


Gemini this Thursday is seems as though nothing strange or out of the ordinary is likely to happen to you. Take comfort in this and don’t be too disappointed. When it comes to making up your mind or mulling over a big decision, you will be able to clearly decide on what your course of action will be.


Even though you’re usually very sensitive towards other people and their feelings, today is seems as though you may be lacking somewhat in this emotional capacity. You will still feel sympathy, but may find it a challenge to express it. Now might be a good time to really consider if all your relationships are healthy ones.


Leo, your desire to make your presence known among others will be felt today, even if you’re not feeling particularly confident in your own abilities. You might also feel a bit uneasy as well, however rest assured that this will pass shortly. Don’t take on too much or make promises you can’t keep.


Virgo’s natural habit of looking at a problem and figuring out the most logical solution will be something they will be able to use this Thursday. Other people may turn to you for advice and support and this will increase your confidence and self-belief.


If you’ve been feeling unsure about something for a long time now and have been looking for a sign to point you in the right direction, then today may well be your lucky day Libra. Perhaps you can act like one of your more assertive friends when trying to decide upon what to do.


Good news this Thursday for Scorpio as it’s likely they will be less inclined to feel bitter and resentment towards friends and colleagues, and much more inclined to be happy for others and the things they manage to achieve. However, you may not always feel this way so be nice to people while you can.


Today is set to be a great day for you Sagittarius, as everything in your life seems to be working out well at the moment. However, don’t be tempted to become complacent and automatically presume that things will be this way forever; keep working hard and giving everything your best effort.


If you do not have all the information you require, keep searching until you get what you need. If you’ve made up your mind about something, other people will find it very, very difficult to change it. However, it’s not necessarily a good idea to completely other people’s opinions either.


Aquarius, you will discover today that it’s absolutely possible to be confident and assured within yourself and not come across as being arrogant or cold towards others. The ability to be sensitive towards someone else’s feelings is something you will find relatively easy.


You may be inclined to want your own space more and more today Pisces and as a result, the offer of spending time in the company of large groups of people will not be particularly appealing. This shouldn’t last for very long though, and soon enough you will be back to your sociable best!