You may discover some unsettling news today, Virgo.


Today promises to be successful for any business or career related meetings and discussions. Money issues could cause a rift between you and someone close, so try and work things out with a mature approach before they escalate. If you can, aim to take back some of the power you have lost in a relationship; some give and take is allowed, but don’t be naive.


If you have a new idea, however unusual, suggest it to friends and get their opinions on the concept before you get to work on making it happen. Don’t be disheartened or offended by someone who is unnecessarily critical; have faith in your abilities to succeed. Everyday household chores can be very dull, so try and come up with new ways to make them a bit more entertaining.


Get out there and socialise with old friends or put yourself in a position where you will make new ones. Going for a casual stroll or maybe even taking an unexpected journey could be a fun way to pass the day. Don’t just go alone; bring someone along whose company you enjoy. While a kind and generous spirit, are always lovely qualities to possess, avoid being taken for granted by those who will take advantage of this.


Take some time out today and spend it catching up with your parents or other members of your family whom you are close to. Things between you and someone who is special to you could be about to change for the better, because you have managed to come to a compromise regarding an issue that previously caused some tension.


You are in unique position today Leo, in that you will be able to put a creative twist on whatever you endeavour to undertake. The things you do will work well because you approach them with a calm and harmonious stance. If you notice that you have more energy than usual, perhaps it would be a good idea to use this surplus to finish something you have been meaning to get around to doing.


Meeting new people is great, however sometimes the information we discover about them can be unsettling and change our opinions of them. The same goes for people whom we have known for a long time, so don’t be too quick to trust today either, Virgo. If you want to improve the state of your finances, you will have to make a conscious effort to cut out any unessential purchases.


Perhaps your family and partner or spouse have been making you feel as though you have to choose between them lately and that you are not able to have a good relationship with both at the same time. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that it is for the right reasons, otherwise you could end up feeling resentful towards one or the other.


A problem shared is a problem halved and if there are things that have been on your mind and bothering you lately, then you should speak with someone you trust, who shares the same values as you. If you feel as though your partner has been making other people and interests more of a priority than you recently, then speak to them about why they have been so distracted.


It might be helpful to contact someone who has knowledge of the legal system or possibly even a friend in a similar profession. Where possible, let the small issues that bother you pass you by and pick your battles wisely. Even though you may not know way, over the days ahead your instincts could be telling you to be cautious around someone you know well.


Your will power is better than ever, as you have been able to withstand certain situations recently, without even knowing it. Someone else’s new project could make you want to throw caution to the wind and get involved with all of the excitement. Consider what you are doing carefully before diving in head first and you should make the right decision. While relationships are great, they definitely require a certain amount of work.


Regardless of how hard you worked in college, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan, so today is a good time to figure out any troubles you are having with your education.  Put old feuds to rest and begin to make amends with someone you have clashed with the past; try to find a mutual interest as this is a good place to start.


Keeping a sensible and matter-of-fact approach to any situation will see you through whatever issues present themselves over the coming days.  This logic should also be applied to anything to do with financial affairs. If someone you’re close to is keen for you to invest in their latest project, it is wise to have a good understanding of the idea before you commit to the deal.