Scorpio should try their best to stay on schedule today! 



The morning hours are the most appropriate for having your head in the clouds and doing anything artistic. It’s probably best to hold off on starting any new projects for the time being as they are likely to be even more successful if begun at a different time. You would be surprised by the amount of leeway you may have regarding an issue you previously had closed a door on.


Taurus will be at their most enthusiastic before the afternoon time, so if there are things that you need to urgently need to attend to it’s best to get them out of the way sooner rather than later. The afternoon hours may see you making concrete steps towards securing a more secure future and you will feel very content as a result of this.


Improvising and trying new things will not be as beneficial to you once the morning hours are through so you should make the most of this time. If you feel like it, why not make a decision that is spontaneous and outside of your normal comfort zone? You might feel all the better for it in the end! It is likely that you may have a run in, or butt heads with a family member or close friend, but try not to let it ruin your day.


You may find yourself making silly and unusual mistakes in the first half of the day Cancer that are very unlike you; perhaps there is another reason for this that you have been trying to ignore for some time? The evening hours will be less stressful for you but try to keep a lid on your impulses. Your overall mood may be as a result of how you’re feeling in general about things.


Leo may find themselves stuck in a bit of a rut an unable to move forwards with their plans today. Smaller endeavours will be more fruitful than any major plans you have made. Any Leo’s that are July babies should take extra care in the latter half of this Thursday. Perhaps you have found yourself in a new and unfamiliar situation of late, then it is a good idea to hang in there because things should get easier pretty soon.


Virgo, it would be a great idea to spend the morning time working on less taxing chores that don’t require a lot of effort but are still essential. The afternoon will see you become your most productive and get loads of work completed! Even though you may be feeling a it low following the fallout from an argument with someone close, you will feel secure in the knowledge that you were right in your points.


Libra may find themselves in an awkward situation this morning where they will have to decide quickly if they will tell the truth and risk insulting someone or tip toeing around it. Your strategic side and ability to carefully work around other people’s emotions will come into play in the evening time. While it’s great to offer up your time to help people out be careful that you are not overdoing it and leaving no time for you!


Scorpio should aim to have all their relevant tasks completed by the early afternoon to avoid running behind schedule and this is especially important if they hold a lot of responsibility. The chances of issues arising regarding family matters or something to do with your career are more likely as the day progresses. If there is someone if your life who refuses to put themselves out to accommodate someone else this will make you more stubborn in return.


A relaxing day looks like it is on the cards for Sagittarius today where they will feel content and happy within themselves. Due to this calming atmosphere you will be able to indulge the creative and artistic side of your personality. If you do find that you have to break away from this serenity for do some more active work, it will be for a very important reason.


Stress and pressure is likely for you throughout the day Capricorn and try your best to remain upbeat and positive if things you had planned don’t end up working out as you had hoped. You might be inspired to take a trip or book a holiday to somewhere you have never ventured before – use this as a learning opportunity an the chance to experience something new.


An old skill or forgotten talent you had when you were younger may have the opportunity to present itself today Aquarius. Forget about other people’s opinions and what they will think – do they really matter that much to you anyway? Try it ad see what happens! The start of the day will be particularly good for coming up with and sharing new ideas with others.


Towards the evening time, Pisces will begin to relax and de-stress, a lot more so than the early hours. You would be wise to keep this in mind before beginning something new especially if it is particularly valuable. Any Pisces born in February will notice how their individuality is something that other people are particularly find particularly attractive.