You might end up on an unexpected journey today, Gemini. 



Unfortunately Aries you will find the morning hours the most trying time of the day but rest assured that you will have more success in the latter hours. Regardless of the bad start, your enthusiasm for fun filled activities will be as strong as ever and you will feel much more accomplished if you see them through until the end. Your boss may realise your value much more today.


Taurus may find themselves in a difficult position at the beginning of the day and this might have something to do with family or relationship issues. Any April babies are particularly susceptible to this. Endeavour to remain professional and polite at all times, even though this may be a lot easier said than done. Your patience with a certain someone or ability to deal with a certain issue may be about to run out.


The start of the day could see Gemini set off on an unexpected but equally important trip where they will have to act very mature and take a certain amount of responsibility. Having good intentions and great plans only work in theory if you don’t actually bring about any changes. Someone close to you could offer you the support you are looking for today.


Correct management, a flexible attitude and lots of perseverance will take you far in life, both in your career but also in your personal undertakings too. The evening time looks like it will offer you some welcome relief from the stresses of the early hours. You might feel as though you don’t have a choice but to be there for someone, even though you have enough on your plate as it is!


Work looks like it will be catching up with you today Leo and you may have to dedicate some time to your professional duties before the afternoon in order to complete all necessary tasks that are expected of you. Regardless of how much you think you know, always listen to someone who knows more about a subject and make sure to read instructions carefully when operating dangerous equipment.


Regardless of your efforts, being a little too short-tempered will be your biggest downfall today so you should try your best to avoid letting this get the better of you if at all possible. Some of the things you do today may not only surprise other people but yourself too! Don’t compromise what you believe in when put under pressure. You might start to seek out an easier way of doing something than you have been doing lately.


If you were born in September then the start of the day, before the afternoon hours, are likely to be your most successful. Teamwork or collaborating with someone as part of a project will be your best option today and you can use this as a chance to demonstrate your efficiency and organisational skills. If you were born in October then you will be somewhat of a free spirit today.


Attaining what we want in life is never easy and if there’s something in particular that you’re after Scorpio then you should remember to persevere and keep going until you reach your goal. Try to keep a handle on how you’re feeling today also, especially if you were born in October; your emotions could land you in trouble so watch out! Consider making amends with someone whom you’ve had a falling out with recently.


The morning time and early hours will be your most productive time of the day Sagittarius so get going with any projects or plans you have in mind. If you accept that you most likely won’t be able to do all that you had planned, be it in a week, a month or a year you will stop feeling so disappointed. Someone may want you to give them an answer once and for all so it’s make up your mind time.


It’s impossible to think that you will be able to make it through life without taking a few risks and this is especially true if you are thinking about starting an exciting venture. With success brings certain responsibilities and unfortunately Capricorn you will have a few things on your mind today that may cause you to worry. A new approach may give you a clear perspective and improved outlook.


Whatever is bothering you in your relationship with either your partner, friends or colleagues at work, depending on the issue at hand it’s a good idea to consider preparing yourself for the worst outcome well in advance. Taking legal action may sound extreme but it’s always best to be ready for whatever is thrown at you. Sometimes we need to take a step back from the situation we’re in so that we can be open to new possibilities.


It looks like there’s no escaping a tough days work for you today Pisces, so don’t be alarmed if, career wise, things do not work out according to plan. Timing may cause you some bother also and particularly if you’re involved in a production business of any sort. Showing good judgement when choosing friends is always advisable so don’t feel guilty about keeping your circle small.