The early hours are the best for solving problems, Capricorn. 



Aries can relax in the knowledge that they are unlikely to be interrupted throughout the first half of the day today and will have ample time to finish off any projects or plans that they have been working on lately. If the tried and tested methods seem to be continuously failing you, then maybe an original idea might work!


Any Taurus’ who were born in May will feel particularly relaxed and free from stress, especially in the early hours of this Thursday. And this will be very beneficial to any of you who have some planning or rearranging to do in your personal life. It’s possible that the issues you’ve been having with someone close haven’t gone away and have just been covered up instead.


Be prepared for some change today Gemini, as either you or your partner will find it difficult to stick to the original plan. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, and as long as both parties are comfortable with the changes it shouldn’t be a problem. If any new or unfamiliar challenges present themselves throughout the day, then the evening time is the best for dealing with these.


Cancer, if you are working on something with a partner – either business or otherwise – then it’s probably a good idea to get this completed as early as possible. While in the morning time you may start out with a strong opinion on a particular subject, the trials and tribulations of the day could sway this in a different direction.


If you’ve any routine chores or daily tasks that need to be completed, then you’re best bet is to get these finished early in the morning so that they’re not lingering in the back of your mind all day! You may even surprise yourself with how quickly and efficiently you manage to get things done.


Virgo, today is your lucky day because as it stands you have no pressing tasks or engagements this morning, allowing you to take it easy or even have a lie in if you feel like it! Don’t let this opportunity go to waste as the latter hours of the day are likely to be a lot less calm. Don’t allow other people to pressure you when you’ve already made up your mind.


If you’ve a lot to get through today and your workload seems to be continuously building up then perhaps you should consider finding a quiet spot to work in and somewhere you know you’re not going to be disturbed. This time could provide you with the inspiration you’ve been lacking recently and you will feel reenergised with new ideas for the future.


Unfortunately Scorpio will find it hard to completely let go and the desire to make and adhere to a pre-prepared plan, will be very difficult to ignore throughout the day. The evening hours are the best time of the day to change things around and address certain topics. Sometimes it helps to look back if you’re not sure what your next move should be; but don’t stay there too long!


Sagittarius could be in for a bit of a surprise in the early hours of the morning because the plans you had made seem to have fallen through, therefore you might have to go back to the drawing board and think about Plan B. Towards the evening time your communication skills will have improved greatly and you will be able to handle yourself confidently in any situation.


The beginning of the day is when Capricorn should endeavour to sort out any issues they have been dealing with lately; whether these are in your personal life or otherwise, all challenges are best addressed in the early hours. It is possible that you’ll discover a new way to getting things done faster and more effectively too. Take the high road in argument, even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing.


Believe in yourself and you own capabilities Aquarius, and this will carry you very far. The times when things are difficult are when you’ll need to remember this the most. Perhaps a few hours in quietness is exactly what you need in order to get on top of your work and finally start making some progress. Don’t waste time on something that gives you little in return.


While an active imagination and one that is brimming with ideas is never a bad thing, today you may have to adopt slightly more realistic expectations Pisces. This will save you from being too disappointed at a later stage. A large social circle is great for socialising and having fun, but be careful about who you learn to trust.