A peaceful and relaxing day is ahead of you, Pisces. 



Aries, if you and your family members could do with spending some quality time in each other’s company, possibly even talking about fond memories, it’s bound to greatly improve relations. You may begin to feel the need to prove your worth over the days ahead and show people what you’re made of. Don’t try too hard to impress people because it’s possible they will not appreciate your efforts.


Taurus, good news for you today as it’s likely things will really work in your favour until the evening hours. Any Taurus’ born in mid-May will not be pushed around easily and it will take a lot to dampen their mood. Old feelings of a romantic nature, may begin to resurface in the days ahead. The stable and reliable side of your personality will begin to shine through.


Gemini will find that the beginning of the day allows them the time to work through any personal issues they have been dealing with recently as it’s best to sort these out earlier on. Money related matters will also have to be addressed at some point. Trying something new can be daunting but you’d be surprised by how accomplished you will feel afterwards.


If you have an important meeting or perhaps even an event to attend today Cancer, then the early hours of the day are beginning to look like your most productive. Throughout the day you may find that your confidence begins to decrease somewhat as you become more cautious and less carefree. If someone you care about is in a bad situation, look for practical ways in which you could help them out.


This Thursday is a good time to have that important conversation you have been putting off for a while now. However, Leo you need to try and fit in some time to chill out also, as this is vital. You should find great comfort being around people whom you know and are very familiar with. Don’t fret if you suddenly find that your opinions and beliefs differ greatly from others. Don’t associate with people who put you down.


Throughout this Thursday Virgo, you will have to work extremely hard in order to get all pressing tasks completed and to get as much value as you can from the day. Be prepared to put in the long hours and sacrifices that may be required. Being envious of those around you will not get you any further in the long run. An unexpected occurrence today could spark a change for the better.


Today Libra should focus the majority of their attention on advancing towards their goals; this may apply to their personal life, career or otherwise. Even though it may take a bit of time, aim to come up with a routine and a balance that makes you happy. If moving ahead within your workplace is something you’re interested, look out for ways that you could make a difference. Showing generosity and compassion to those who need it will come naturally.


Problem solving and figuring things out will be most successful for you Scorpio in the early hours of today. You will also be more calm and sensitive towards how other people may be feeling too. Choosing creative activities over more adventurous, athletic hobbies will be an easy decision for you to make. Hold off on any big revelations for the time being as they might backfire!


You might be caught off-guard today Sagittarius as the chances of you running into difficulty where you least expect it, are very likely. Money, or perhaps even old family grudges could largely be to blame for the fuss. Surprisingly other issues will work themselves out in their own time. If you feel as though someone is deliberately going out of their way to make you feel uncomfortable, then something should be said.


Capricorn will discover throughout the day that ‘winning’ an argument with their partner will be less as important as actually resolving the issue. Work towards figuring out a compromise that both parties are happy with. Hold tight if you’re waiting on an answer and don’t try to speed up the process yourself! You may have some regret about spending money recently and may consider returning some of your purchases.


Aquarius may develop somewhat of a defensive attitude over the coming days and not put themselves in a position where they feel vulnerable. Some of decisions you will find yourself having to make will greatly depend on the situation or circumstance you’re in at the time. Don’t be too offended if other people do not have the same optimistic feelings towards your ideas, as you do yourself.


Pisces will be able to unwind and relax this morning in the knowledge they are likely to have a very harmonious and pleasant day ahead of them. The evening hours will also bring the same feeling of tranquility. Perhaps you have been working away on an important project for a little while now and finally feel like you are in a suitable place to take it to the next phase.