Persevere today Taurus and you will feel very accomplished for it.



Aries, don’t be afraid to cement your achievements or be afraid to tell people exactly what you’re capable of (in a good way of course). If you’re in a spot of bother and are unsure of what to do, not be afraid to seek expert advice. It’s important to have a good, supportive group of people you can turn to when you need help.


Even though you may end up a little stressed and have lots to get through this Thursday Taurus, the effort will all be worth it when you are getting the result you have desired. Try not to worry yourself about small and unimportant things, or things that might never happen for that matter. Regardless of how hard you try to be thrifty, the more luxurious items continue to catch your eye.


Don’t just focus on one element or side of the profession that you would like to become a part of; putting theory into practice will help you no end, so allow equal time for both. Despite possessing a strong and independent attitude, sometimes it’s very wise to listen to what others have to say. You may find yourself at loggerhead with your significant other.


Today, it looks like the people you are closest too will have plenty of exciting opportunities coming their way; being genuinely happy for them will help you to enjoy their success. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like today is the day where you will be able to focus your full attention on yourself and instead you may have to put other people first.


It’s best if you aim to forget about throwaway comments and negative feedback for today Leo, as confronting them now is likely to make matters worse. Don’t be too pushy if you want to get your own way; a strong, persuasive argument is a lot more likely to work. Figuring out a compromise to a problem will give you a great sense of achievement.


Virgo this Thursday it seems as though you will be in for a treat as the day will really go your way! Try your best to forget about any worries or fears you have had recently and instead adopt a more lighthearted approach to whatever situation you find yourself in. You might even consider trying something you would have previously declined.


Libra, if you’re trying your best to keep things orderly and under control then figuring out a solid plan and a routine that works for you is always a good place to start. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation in your workplace, rely on previous experience (and what it taught you) to get you through.


Tackle issues in your personal or home life as you would any other problem you encounter; form a plan and see it through. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind and eventually the people you have had to be tough on will begin to realize this – they might even thank you for it! Financial woes may begin to take a turn in the right direction.


Sagittarius, while possessing a strong sense of will power is a great quality to have on its own, this coupled with your generosity towards the people you care about is a winning mix! You might find yourself having to justify your actions to other people – avoid allowing them to make you feel guilty.


Any January born Capricorn’s will be kept on their toes throughout the day as the events that await them look like they will be quite important. Consider going back to something you know; sometimes new doesn’t necessarily mean better. Finding the silver linings in a difficult situation will be your forte.


If you have important work to complete today – and a lot of it at that – endeavor to find a quiet space where you can apply your full concentration and where you will not be disturbed. Any technical issues you encounter that need fixing, will be a challenge you will greatly enjoy.


Something could happen in the next 24 hours that will let you see the good in people and help you to look forward to the future. Don’t allow a simple mistake or slip up somewhere along the line to ruin all of your plans. Try saying how you feel and being more direct about your opinions.