Daydreaming won’t get you far today, Aires. 



Aries, even though your tendency to daydream and see the world through rose-tinted glasses usually does you no harm, today this will not work out so well if you have some serious business to attend to. The afternoon time and evening hours are best if you want to explore your more creative side.


Unfortunately, this Thursday you won’t be in too much or a hurry (or the mood for that matter) to get down to work and complete all necessary tasks. Instead the chance to spend some time relaxing or perhaps even enjoying a long walk outdoors will be much more appealing to you.


Gemini, today you will not appreciate people sitting around doing nothing and time wasters will also get on your nerves! You will likely be anxious to spend the day engaging in activities and interesting adventures. However by the latter hours of the day, slightly more intellectual hobbies will take your fancy.


Be careful that you do not allow yourself to be too swayed by the comments and opinions of others Cancer; even though you might appreciate their advice, make sure that the decisions you make as a result are yours alone. Endeavour to make the most of your creative and artist talents if you can.


Throughout the day (but not necessarily the evening time) Leo will be more passionate, brave and adventurous than ever. You may even feel yourself trying to achieve things you would normally shy away from. If you’re a Leo who was born in the moth of August, then the early part of the day looks like the most successful time for you.


Slow down Virgo, take your time and don’t always be in such a hurry! Regardless of your ever-increasing to-do list, make sure you spend sufficient time on each task before crossing it off your list! Find a pace that suits you and stick with it. Unfortunately you may discover that your enthusiasm does not amount to success.


Libra, a friendly conversation may hint at something more meaningful and romance might even be on the cards. Don’t be too quick to dismiss this; give it time to see how you really feel. If you and your partner are planning a trip or a short holiday at present, then now is a good time to put those plans in motion.


Your determination may have been wavering somewhat lately Scorpio, and if this is the case try and access your original passion for whatever project your currently working on, in order to make it as successful as it can possibly be. Failing this, look to the people and things that inspire you most.


Sagittarius, it seems as though spending quality time with friends and loved ones is among the most important things you will do this Thursday. Alternatively, consider sending some time alone and engaging in an activity or hobby that you find enjoyable. This might also inspire you in other ways.


Capricorn, perhaps it would be worth spending the morning hours at home today and looking for things that need your attention there. Is it possible that you have been so busy lately that you may have missed something? If you’ve been hoping for something for some time now, then today might be the day when things finally look like they will go your way!


Today is a good time for Aquarius to concentrate to the little chores and tasks that need their attention. While they may be small in theory, you might come to realise they will take more time than you had originally anticipated for. If you have a spare hour or two, why not meet a friend for coffee and a chat?


Pisces, the morning hours today will see the more trusting and emotional side of your personality really shine through. However, this isn’t likely to last all day and you may feel somewhat different by the latter hours of the day. Therefore, it’s best to avoid making any important decisions for the time being.