High fives with Prince William and being bessies with Brangelina, Tinie Tempah dishes all to U!

It was one of our favourite moments of the year so far – when Tinie Tempah highfived a royal in the middle of a performance! The 25-yearold rapper opened the BAFTAS with Laura Mvula and ended up high fiving Prince William in the process. Love it! He told U magazine: “It was literally a spur of the moment thing. I was having so much fun doing the performance. In my head I was just like ‘wow, it’s going right, it’s going right, it’s working, it’s working’, everyone was enjoying it and then woo, it just happened!” he laughed. Tinie also had the pleasure of opening the show along with Laura Mvula, something he thought would never happen. “Words cannot describe how much pressure I put on myself. It was definitely something that I’ll never forget, the preparation for it… to get the opportunity to do it was brilliant. You never really think that you’re going to get called to do that, I never really thought it anyway, so to get the call was an honour and the performance went really well so I’m really happy.”

The rapper made headlines the day after his performance and he was pictured hanging out with some A-list celebrities including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Talking about his new BFFs told U mag: “To be quite honest with you it was nice. Everyone was already really excited about the performance and everyone was talking to me about that which was super nice. I just remember them two especially being very, very warm and they were talking about loads of stuff like their kids in LA, what it’s like, what the LA lifestyle is like, how they’re finding their time here, just normal stuff.”

For many, being in that position would be daunting, but Tinie took it all in his stride. He explained: “I think it’s more so that feeling of ‘wow, what I love has got me to this point in my life’. Around these kind of people I definitely feel like nobody should feel like they shouldn’t be somewhere or that they shouldn’t be in a particular place, we’re all human at the end of the day. But I kind of feel like ‘wow, my work has taken me this far and I just need to do more now’, that’s more the feeling.” It sounds like so much fun and the rapper’s Irish fans can now get in on some of the action as Tinie plays the O2 Dublin on 9 April as part of his Demonstration tour, and he told U mag he “can’t wait”. He said: “(I love) the energy, the warm feeling, they always make me feel super warm. I remember the first time I ever went to Dublin and basically when we got there we got to the airport and the emigration bit where you show your passport… The woman was like, ‘you look familiar, come here I want to see you properly’. I actually went into the emigration booth where she stands and everyone was super friendly and nice, and I’ve never had that much fun so I’m really excited,” he laughed.

Tinie’s second album is quite emotional and he wears his heart on his sleeve in the songs, but is he like that in real life? “That’s definitely a side of me. Off the back of the first album people never really got to see that side of me too much so I just felt like maybe it’d be a good thing. As you get older and people start to know you a bit more as a personality you feel like they deserve to know what’s going on behind the scenes.” So is he single? “I’m still single and still loving it. At the end of the day I’m young for now and there are times when I do think about it but I’m young and I’m having fun and it’s probably going to be like that for a little while,” he added.

He’s already achieved a lot in his 25 years, but he’s still looking forward to doing a whole lot more. He said: “I just want to be more creative, do more creative things, contribute to the culture in a great creative way, more music, third album, fashion which I’m very much involved in. I want to be the person who makes the next trainer that everybody wears or the next pair of iconic glasses. I just feel like a creative person and I’m young and I’ve got the ability to, so I’m just going to keep having fun and put a spin on everything I do”