The things you come to expect from ALL festivals…

Festival season is in full swing, and we’ve been to our fare share. Here are some of the common themes we’ve noticed as we’ve trekked around in our Hunter wellies and over the top sunnies…

Van food

If you’re there for a day, two days or the whole weekend, no matter how much of your own food you intend to bring to eat, you will inevitably have to queue for far too long at a canopy attached to a van that’s serving food entirely contained in bits of paper or cardboard. You’ll be so starving it’ll seem delicious.

Festival garb

A few trends seep into every single festival, year after year, and sometimes it’s so ubiquitous it becomes like a uniform. Fringe? Check. 18 bracelets of varying sort? Check. Band tee? Check. Check? Check.

Terrible bands

There’ll be many once in a lifetime gigs that are so amazing you’ll nearly cry. But alongside that will be a random Swedish hip hop duo with badly translated lyrics and mustard suits, who sound so bad you’d rather listen to the drunk guy walking past you strumming a broken ukulele. Balance!


Yes, even if the sun is splitting the trees, you are still in a field for the day. Flipflops? Bad idea. Cream or white anything? Bad idea. And leave all your illusions of glamour at the gate, because wet or not, you’ll be manky by the end of the first day.


It goes without saying, right? Well you’d think that. But some festival attendees seem genuinely flabbergasted when they can’t get a seat on a bench to have their lunch, or when there’s nowhere to stand to watch a band except a sweaty tent packed to the rafters.


If you’re of the opinion that ladies and gentlemen should always comport themselves in a respectable manner, you might want to steer clear of the festival circuit. Combine sunshine (well, we live in hope) with alcohol and a will to over indulge, and things are bound to get a little messy!

Familiar faces

Walking around a festival with thousands of other revellers and you’re bound to run into a few people you know, from old school friends (is it them?!) to colleagues (great fun unless it’s your boss) to minor celebrities (who have some form of elaborate VIP band on their arm for all to see/envy).


When we say romance we mean something entirely different. Festivals are a field day for hook ups. There are thousands of revellers all being carefree and throwing caution to the wind. There’s drink involved, there are hidden corners of forest to go… frolick in together. ‘Romance’ is bound to happen.


From a bunch of men wandering around with giant golfballs covering their heads, to a giant inflatable church complete with fake priest performing fake weddings, you can’t walk 10 steps at a festival without bumping into something utterly mental and fascinating!


You’d have to be a very skilled craic dodger to manage to go to a festival and not have a serious laugh. There’s tonnes of new people, lots to do, bands to see, campsites to chill in and good times to be had. Oh, festival season. Do we have to wait a whole year to get you back?