A sore head is no craic whatsoever

A sore head is no craic whatsoeverJLE

According to the Harvard Medical School’s online health review, there are about 300 types of headache. And we'd bet not a single one of them is fun. 

Anyone who's experienced a headache (which is probably everyone) will know they range from the annoying to the migraine-tastic 'blackout blinds and serious painkillers' doozies. 

If you frequently suffer from a sore head, or are suddenly hit with a very painful head (and can’t just trace it back to too many sambucas the night before), it’s worth checking in with your doctor. However, there are other things you can do to help soothe a sore head and maybe even stop a full-blown brain melter from kicking in altogether.

Warm Up

Tense muscles can often lead to headaches and can trigger migraines in some people. Applying heat pads to a tight neck or shoulders can be good for relaxing tense muscles. Alternatively, cold temperatures may help - try an ice pack on the neck area. Some people swear by taking a warm shower or a bath to soothe tight muscles and ease tension.

Drink a Coffee

According to The Mayo Clinic, small amounts of caffeine can help to relieve migraine pain as it’s getting going in the early stages. Try having a cup of coffee to ease symptoms. Don’t overdo it though, as you could end up with caffeine withdrawal!

Go Natural

We’re big fans of essential oils as de-stressers and mood boosters in general. Peppermint is great for headaches, both when applied topically (in a carrier oil) and when inhaled. Sprinkle some on a tissue or your pillow. Rosemary in particular is good for stress headaches, as is lavender.

Have a Herbal Tea

Fresh ginger is a very good anti-inflammatory. Try drinking ginger tea to help reduce in inflammation in the muscles.

Stay Hydrated

Simple but effective: drink lots of water and, for maximum hydration, look to get some of your daily intake from food, as it’ll stay in your system longer. Cucumbers are a hydration goldmine.

Help Your Neck

With neck tension a major culprit, do what you can to keep your neck and shoulders in good shape:

1 Keeping the muscles in the neck loose can help you avoid the headache danger zone. Yoga is very effective. If you're not into yoga, try to do some neck and shoulder stretches every day to keep things relaxed.
2 Do you always stare downwards at your phone/tablet? Try raising them closer to eye level, to lessen the angle your head is at. Make sure your desktop computer screen is at eye level, so you’re not straining you neck.
3 Ditch the heavy shoulder bag, which could be pulling on your neck and shoulder muscles and knocking you off kilter. Downsize your bag instead or go for a cross body option.

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