Friday 9th February

It’s time to get honest with yourself today, Sagittarius


You’ll find it difficult to express how you’re feeling today Aries, or even give an honest answer when asked a question. If you think your opinion doesn’t matter, you couldn’t be more wrong.


Taurus, don’t let someone in a position of power walk all over you today or feel like they can say whatever they feel like. Use your words wisely but make it clear you won’t take that.


You’ll accidentally overhear something about someone you work with this Friday. If you’re not sure what to do with this information, remember you’re not even meant to know, so best to keep quiet.


Reading people, or one person in particular, will be a bit of a challenge to you today Cancer. If it’s anything to do with romance, you could be reading the signs all wrong or maybe the person you fancy needs to send better signals.


Don’t make too many plans today Leo because they may not work out the way you wanted them too. There’s also a strong chance you would rather spend the day lazing on the sofa in your favourite tracksuit – so go right ahead.


Virgo shouldn’t waste too much time worrying or waiting for someone else to make a decision today. You’re a catch and they should know that by now. Instead make some plans of your own and show them you’re not going to wait around any longer.


Even though someone burned you really badly in your past it’s not really fair to assume everyone will treat you the same way. If someone is making an effort, give them a chance – it could be the best thing you’ve do all day.


If you’re spending like the millionaire you think you are but your bank balance tells it like it really is, maybe you should reign in a bit on the shopping for a few weeks. Having a quick look in the shops, only leads to trouble. Avoid temptation if you can.


There will be lots of questions buzzing around in your head this Friday Sagittarius and it could start to become a bit of a pain. If you can’t talk to your friends or family, find someone you do trust and get it all off your chest.


Capricorn, today you’ll discover that someone you thought you could trust has actually been lying to you all along. In future, it might be better to get to know people before you tell them your life story.


You won’t have the patience or energy to try and figure out the latest gadget or technology today Aquarius! Instead you’ll happily stick to the things you’re used to and know your way around. Sometimes a comfort zone isn’t such a bad thing.


Determination won’t be in short supply for you today Pisces. You’ll be more driven than ever and your goals are pretty much in sight. Why stop now when you’ve gone so far? Don’t forget about where you’ve come from though – arrogance is ugly on everyone.