Monday 29th January


Your fresh start begins today, Cancer.



Are your colleagues not working hard enough or are you being a bit unrealistic in what you’re asking of them? If it’s the latter, cake is always a good heal-all and let someone else be the boss for a change!



You might have loads going on and feel like you never have a minute to yourself, but if you do find some spare time, think about visiting someone who could do with a chat – it could shift your focus for the better.

Gemini, if you can’t afford to support yourself then you certainly can’t afford to support your friends as well. You’re allowed to put your foot down and not be a yes person sometimes. Put your cash back in your bag.



If you’ve been wanting a fresh start for a while, then today is the day to do it Cancer. Be a Shepard not sheep though and do it your way. There are no rules you should follow.


You’ll be delighted with yourself today when you fix something that has been driving you mad for weeks. Find a happy medium between working hard and playing hard. One isn’t much good without the other.


Other people’s drama is not your drama, so let whatever’s going on pass you by today Virgo. If you’re a feeling exhausted, then take a day or two to rest up and then get back to kicking-ass!


You’ll be rejecting any and all negative vibes with a capital R this Monday, Libra. If you do accidentally put your foot in it though, ‘fess up and move on. Being a bit more modest may not be a bad thing either.


If you have to be in the company of someone you simply cannot stand today, be a grown-up about it  – they probably feel the same about you. Don’t let jealous people stop you from getting as far ahead as you can.

Show them your skills today Sagittarius! Why let someone else steal your thunder? Anyone who has doubted you before will be mincing their words this Monday.


Maybe you shouldn’t ask someone else for their opinion today Capricorn, because the chances of you getting royally pissed of by what they have to say, are pretty high. Also, don’t feed into pettiness, you’re better than that.


Today’s going to be a good day if this morning’s text is anything to go by. Don’t let your insecurities wreck another possible relationship –  you’ll only end up regretting it (again).


If you’re falling asleep at your desk then you’ve no one to blame but yourself – Sunday night antics need to stop. Be wise and get some sleep instead. Work is long enough, why make it harder on yourself?