Thursday 8th February

You could do with some R&R today Libra


A distant relative or someone you haven’t seen in years will make a surprise appearance in your life this Thursday, Aries. The good news is there won’t be any awkward small talk between you and you’ll be able to have a proper catch up right away.


If you’ve something on your mind that you need to get off your chest you’ll struggle to find the right time to bring it up with the person in question today, Taurus. Is there ever a good time though? Best to just say it as soon as you can.


Today will feel more like Friday-eve than ever before as you’ll be looking forward to your weekend plans. Don’t get too carried away though, your good mood could result in you making some hasty decisions.


Cancer, today you’ll go out of your way to buy something nice for someone you care about. This doesn’t necessarily have to be something big, even a tiny token will do. It’ll mean more to them than you realise.


Don’t go investing in anything you think will make you millions this Thursday Leo because the chances are it won’t. In fact, you’re more likely to lose big than win the big bucks, so put your cash back in your pocket.


Virgo, get creative and forget about other people’s opinions. You’re doing this for you and no one else, so unless you ask someone for their input, they should keep their mouth firmly closed.


It looks like you have a lot to deal with at the moment Leo and it’s starting to take its toll. Between work and family you could be feeling a bit drained, so take a few days to relax and recharge before you tackle it all again.


Scorpio, today you’ll learn the hard way that if you want something done proper you’re better off doing it yourself. Someone will throw you under the bus in a major way (MAJOR), but don’t take it personally – it’s their problem not yours.


Today will be a relatively care-free one for you Sagittarius. Things are going well in your career and you’re actively taking steps towards your dream job, so kudos to you for going after your goals!


Let’s call a spade a spade: today will be a bit of a crap one for you unfortunately, with everything that could possibly go wrong doing just that. You’ll feel better once you get home and can switch off from the hectic day you’ve had.


Aquarius, if you’ve been trying to figure out whether or not you still have feelings for someone from your past, this Thursday will let you know soon enough. They will make a surprise appearance, so don’t let them get away again.


Stay away from getting too close to someone you know isn’t who they seem to be today Pisces, because you could become attached to the wrong person. Have a chat with your gals instead and switch on a soppy film.