Tuesday 30th January


Relationship issues will drive you crazy this Tuesday, Virgo



This Tuesday will be a great one for you Aries and things look like they are going to fall into place nicely. Your co-worker giving you a dig out with work is an added bonus. Winning!


Taurus could use some me-time today; it’s okay to put yourself first now and again, and anyone who tells you differently is wrong. As much as you’d like to be, you’re not made of steel, so have a relax if you could do with it.


If you want to impress your boss today Gemini, you’re going to have to work for it – and work hard. This might not be a bad thing though. If you’re being really honest with yourself, is it time you put in more of an effort?


Impulsive decisions will be made today Cancer, which is a great laugh until your rent is due and you’re up s**t creek. Best not lose the run of yourself if you can (until pay day that is).



You’ll be spending the big bucks today Leo but it’ll turn out to be a great thing, sort of like an investment. A coat that’s practically asking to be taken home by you perhaps? Someone you don’t expect will also be a fan of your new purchase.


Your head will be in a bit of a spin today Virgo and your relationship status (non-existent or otherwise) will be to blame. If your ex is the culprit, make a decision to have them in your life or not. Then move on and don’t look back.


Libra will be feeling pretty zen this Tuesday and in a rather accepting mood (don’t question it, just go with it). A friend could get bad news just as you hear something great, so try not to rub it in their face.


You’ll be getting your flirt on today Scorpio and you won’t be choosy about who it’s with either. But be careful that you don’t lead someone on and give them the wrong impression – you could break their heart.



Sagittarius is likely to be a daydream believer today, but that’s the problem, you’ll end up believing in your own dreams. Get yourself back in the real world and make the things you want to happen, come true.


Capricorn will be pulling an all-nighter today, or at the very least working late in the office. It’s not all bad though, a handsome stranger will be there as well. Find any (ANY) excuse to strike up a conversation.


Don’t panic if you feel like you’re biting off more than you can chew where work is concerned, Aquarius. Ask yourself this: would they trust you with the job if you weren’t capable of doing it? You know the answer.


Having second thoughts about turning something, or maybe even someone, down recently? If you’re kicking yourself for being a bit of an eejit and letting a good thing go, try and get it back. If it doesn’t work then take it as a lesson learned.