Friday 2nd February 2018


Don’t let the rage get the better of you this Friday, Scorpio



If you have a blazing row with a relative this morning, take a few hours to cool off but by lunchtime you should really give them a ring to clear the air. Hindsight is a b***h for showing us we were actually in the wrong.



Taurus will have a hard time catching a break today. It’ll be one thing after another from the minute you wake up – it’s nearly the weekend though if that’s any consolation? Prioritise your tasks and get going with them.



Get your glad rags on this evening Gemini because it looks like you’ll be heading off on a date tonight and from an unlikely suitor at that. Don’t freak them out by planning your wedding by drink number two. Play it cool(ish).



You’ll be everyone’s go-to person for inspiration today. Don’t give away your best ideas though, keep those for yourself and your grand, master plan. You could be landed with planning a party at short notice too.



Don’t take on too much this Friday Leo. If you’ve a habit of doing this, think back to the last time you overstretched yourself and the mess you found yourself in. Was it worth it? Didn’t think so.



Pack your bags because today will lead the way to a surprise getaway Virgo! Your initial reaction will leave a lot to be desired – you won’t have a lot of notice after all – but once you calm down, you’ll have a good time.



They say chivalry is dead, but you’ll experience the opposite today Libra. Don’t let all the attention you’re suddenly getting go to your head though – nobody likes a show off. Try not to let your emotions stop you from seeing the bigger picture.



Step back from a conversation if you feel like it’s about to turn into something nasty today Scorpio. You won’t deal with confrontation very well today so it’s best to avoid it at all costs. Don’t let your friends’ bad moods rub off on you either.



Just been paid Sagittarius? Or have you suddenly remembered that extra wad of cash you were saving for an emergency? Either way you will invest your money wisely today and use it as a deposit towards something big. Look at you adulting like a boss.



You’ll be a Zen pond today Capricorn and nothing or no one will get you down. Don’t engage with people who try to make you feel bad about yourself. If you’ve been fighting with your other half for months on end, the good news is this will work itself out soon.



Treat yo’self today Aquarius, it’s Friday after all. You’ve been saving your wages lately and it looks like it’s paying off so you deserve to spoil yourself a little. Best to get back on track with your savings tomorrow though.


A new colleague in your office will seriously test your patience today Pisces. Are they too loud? Annoying? Or just plain rude? Whatever the reason, you and them will not get on. Stay out of their way to avoid any awkwardness.