Saturday 3rd February 2018

Something will feel wrong to you today Capricorn, trust your instincts



In a happy mood this morning Aries? Well the good news is you’ll feel great all day long. Saturdays are for doing exactly as you please, and you will be able to do just that. A perfectly chilled day awaits.

Don’t rush into something big without properly thinking it through first. You might have gotten away with reckless decisions before, but today isn’t likely to be one of those times when everything works out for you.



Looking on the bright side of things is a nice outlook to have but this Saturday you’ll have to face some facts Gemini – and you might not like what they turn out to be.


Cancer couldn’t think of anything less appealing than spending their Saturday with other people. You’ll be more than content to spend the day binging on shows you’ve missed, topped off with your favourite takeaway. Absolute bliss.


Who doesn’t love any excuse to buy something new to wear? The bad news is Leo might find this task more stress inducing than stress relieving. Don’t let it ruin your weekend though, try again when you’re back to your best self.


Has the smallest thing caused you to go a teeny, tiny, bit overboard? If so, maybe you should stop and think about what’s really on your mind and afterwards, apologise to the person you lost your cool with.


Struggling to stick to your budget Libra? As boring and like something-your-parents-would-do as it sounds, making a shopping list could be the only thing that will stop you from buying over-priced crisp and packaged fruit with notions, that you do not need.


You’ve reassessed your priorities and from now on, you’re determined not to go back to your old ways. This is the start of something good for you Scorpio, so don’t stop now.

Sagittarius is happy to leave the past, firmly where it is. Give people the benefit of the doubt from now on. You’ve changed – and they have too.


If you something feels a little off to you today Capricorn, then the chances are it is and you were right all along. It doesn’t matter if you’ve known someone for a long time, trust your instincts.

Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, whatever your situation is, this Saturday will shed some light on who they really are. For some this will be a relief, for others it will be a shock, but don’t stick around to be treated badly again Aquarius.

Has the clutter in your house finally become too much to deal with? Well then grab a bin bag and do some serious sorting. Something could happen in the afternoon that will have a big influence on you.