Sunday 4th February 2018


Keep today totally free from plans, Taurus


Get your week off to a good start and look after your health. Say goodbye to grabbing a snack here and there and eat proper meals. Channel your inner domestic goddess – batch cooking awaits you.

If you’re trying to make something happen this Sunday Taurus, it really doesn’t look like it will be worth your while. Instead, try and organise something for next weekend when there’s a better chance it’ll all work out.


Home is where the heart is, or at least it’s where Gemini’s heart is today. You’ll want nothing more than to decorate it just the way you like, with scented candles and whatever else takes your fancy.



Cancer, even though there’s nothing like listening to someone spill ALL of the tea, today you should really try to walk away from watercooler gossip. As tempting as it is, it could come back to bite you.


Old friends are the best friends, they’ve known you since childhood after all, so you can be pretty sure there in it for the long-haul. If your bestie is in town, make a plan and catch up over something delicious.


Family and friends are good to ask for advice, but you don’t need to rely on other people to make your decisions. Your money is your money, so do with it as you please. If you want those shoes, go right ahead and get them!


In a crappy mood this Sunday? A complete meltdown over something pretty ridiculous could be what it takes to see yourself in other people’s eyes. Be a bit more realistic and stop freaking out over the small things.


You’ll be landed with visitors this weekend Scorpio, whether you’re expecting them or not. They will probably overstay their welcome, so you’ll have to resort to subtle, or not so subtle, reminders that they need to leave.

A person you’re friendly with, a work colleague or a friend of a friend, might try and wind you up about an issue they know you have very strong feelings on. Don’t rise to the bait, be the bigger person and move on.


Has an online romance been going nowhere for months? Well today you’ll be glad to know that your mystery love will finally agree to meet up in person. You’ve wanted this to happen for ages, so remember that when you start getting cold feet.


Having a good old gossip is all fun and games until the person you’re talking about is right beside you! This will be a lesson learned for you today Aquarius and one you won’t make again. Mortification doesn’t even begin to describe it.


Sunday is usually the one day a week when you feel more than entitled to stay in your PJs all day and have your fill of junk food – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Today though, Pisces will want to get out and explore the city.