Monday 5th February

You’ll have some big ideas today Aries


Aries if your friends have a habit, and an annoying one at that, of hiding their plans from you in case you steal their ideas, don’t stoop to their level this Monday. Tell the world your plans and if they copy you, shame on them.


Inappropriate jokes are always hilarious, and even more so at equally inappropriate times, but Taurus today you might learn the hard way that your boss does not share your sense of humour. Best to avoid eye contact for a week or two and in future, think before you speak.


Your Monday will take a turn for the better today Gemini when an outing – you would rather have given a miss – actually turns out to be a laugh. It looks like you and your mates will end up doing something childish, but if you’re having fun who cares?


It doesn’t look like Cancer will be in a very chatty mood today and that’s alright, but try not to take your frustration out on the people you work with. If they offer you a cuppa, accept it and say thanks, they’re trying to help after all.


Even thought it might put a serious dent in your ego, today you’ll have to do a job you haven’t done in years. The real reason you’re annoyed might be that you thought you were better than this, but sometimes a little dose of reality is a good motivator.


It looks like Virgo will spend most of the day there, but not really there, in other words que lots of daydreaming and reading the same sentence twice. A few cups of coffee to see you through the day and a proper night’s sleep will have you back to your productive self in 24 hours.


Libra will experience a revelation of some kind this Monday, this could be something deep like an ancient meaning that’s finally starting to make sense or something blatantly obvious that you feel pretty silly for only just noticing. Either way, every day’s a school day!


Making a bit of an extra effort with the new person at work will not only make them feel more welcome, it’ll also make you feel like you’ve done your good deed for the day. Keep up the good work Scorpio.


Sagittarius it looks like you’ll have to take a few people under your wing this Monday and show them the ropes in your workplace. It might not be your favourite job, but your boss will be pleased with you and brownie points are never a bad thing.


You’ll be tempted to only see the negative things you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror this morning Capricorn, which is sad because you don’t see all of the positives you do have. A mid-morning wake-up call could be exactly what you need.


Life will become a whole lot easier for you today Aquarius and it’s likely it will be down to a new purchase; a slow cooker or a bread maker perhaps? Basically anything that saves time! Be careful who you brag about this too though, you might be preaching to the converted.


Pisces, you could have a bit of trouble answering a pretty simple question this Monday and the thing that’ll annoy you most is that you already know the answer. Don’t be too hard o yourself though, maybe it’s a sign that something you thought was perfect could do with some work?