Tuesday 6th February

Don’t lash out at the wrong person today Gemini


Aries, you’ll have no time for negativity this Tuesday and if anyone tries to rain on your positivity parade this morning, they will have to try harder to break your good mood. You’ll be looking for the good and that’s all you’ll be able to see.


If you’re thinking of getting started on the property ladder, this Tuesday is not a good time to start thinking of buying your first house or even talking to your bank about taking out a loan. If this is something you really want to happen, park it for a day or two.


Gemini, there’s a chance that someone will catch you at a bad time during the day and you’ll say something that could be a bit harsh. It’s best to apologise, admit that you’re being a cranky old so and so and move on, rather than letting it fester into something big.


Most days you’ll be able to tolerate a friend’s BS but today you won’t! Rather than calling them out on it – that’s a headache you would rather not bring upon yourself – smile and nod at whatever they say. They know they’re lying as much as you do, but why make it awkward?


This Tuesday you will learn something about yourself and unfortunately, you might not like it. How you act towards a particular person in other people’s company says a lot about you. Next time, you’ll remember to be less superficial.


Virgo, if you’ve a tendency to bury your head in the sand rather than having a conversation you don’t want to face, this Tuesday your significant other will finally take you to task on this. If you think lying is sparing their feelings, it’s actually making things a whole lot worse.


A broken appliance or a repair that’ll cost you an arm and a leg, but one you can’t manage without, will leach you a valuable lesson this Tuesday Libra; buy cheap, buy twice. Fancy lunches and cocktails with the girls don’t taste so good when you can’t afford to replace your fridge.


If you’re struggling to prove something to people who clearly don’t believe you, take a step back this Tuesday Scorpio and ask yourself this: are they really worth your time and energy? Instead surround yourself with people who not only believe in you, but encourage you.


This Tuesday will have a big effect on your life Sagittarius even if it seems like any other day of the week to you. You might not find out what this is for weeks or even years.  A new job you applied for and didn’t get or an apartment you wanted to rent but couldn’t afford could make room for something even better.


Wanderlust will take over this Tuesday Capricorn and you’ll be dreaming of that holiday you’ve convinced yourself you can’t afford. A sit down with a calculator and a few changes here and there (forgoing your delicious, but overpriced coffee every morning for instance?) could make it possible after all.


The chance to further your career will land on your lap today Aquarius, and even though it’s exactly what you thought you wanted, it looks like you’ll start to get cold feet. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back.


Pisces your day will be smooth sailing this Tuesday, until the afternoon that is when the you know what, will hit the fan. Try to stay calm and not overreact, you could end up saying something you’ll live to regret.