Interiors specialist Natasha Rocca Devine shares her top ten interiors trends for the year ahead and advice on how to easily achieve them.



What could be better than celebrating with your dearest and nearest? Especially in the home. Busy schedules make this difficult as we get older. Create a cosy, elegant living space with natural flooring, classic fabrics and accessories in rich colours. Bar carts are a great way to save money while also gathering everyone together.   Feature Image Credit: Swoon Editions


A return to tradition will be a popular trend in 2018. Particularly wallpapers where the older prints are mixed with a touch of modern style. You heard it here first, now go raid your granny's attic!


Yes really! Already a trend in America, pet friendly living will come to Ireland in 2018. Think fancy dog beds, bowls and toys. Prepare to spoil your pets. To be fair, we usually like them more than our families... 



Bedrooms are for relaxing. Removing televisions and phones is key... get an old fashioned alarm clock and ditch the Insta scrolling for a solid 8 hours. We promise, you'll thank us in the morning.  


Bring nature inside with plants and greenery. Not only is the colour right on trend, it also improves the air quality...and makes you responsible for keeping something other than yourself alive! Choose eco-fabrics, LED bulbs and recycling options where possible. We all have to do our bit for the planet. 


So chandeliers may not be within our budgets just yet but small, affordable additions and colours like pastels, gold, cream and grey can help make you feel like a #qween.


Travel is a time to both relax and gain inspiration. Take note of colours, fabrics and art used in hotels, markets or museums. Try to recreate some of your favourites when you return home and be bold with strong and rich colour schemes.


Bringing some glamour into your home is affordable and necessary. Choose colours like pink, mustard, gold and green with gold or brass panels. Even small changes add glamour to the simplest of spaces. 


The pace of life now is seems to be in fast forward. A place in your home to retreat by yourself, with friends or a partner is key. Natural light, calming colours such as off-white, cream or pastels help ensure that you truly relax.


Simple, stylish and serene is a key trend for 2018. Particularly in bathrooms, whether large or small, it should be a place where to relax, rejuvenate and have a fresh start or end to each day.   Natasha Rocca Devine, aka The Interiors NRD has recently launched her website and little black book of Interiors contacts. Available for €14.00 at   For glamorous, affordable interiors check out our post here