Podcasts may once have been the remit of power-walking yummy mummies and over-ambitious TED-talk wannabes, but in the last couple of years, we've been converted. Really, what's not to like? They are essentially free audio books covering every topic you can think of. From beauty and fashion to current affairs or grisly crime stories...we're all over it. 

See below for our top 5 podcasts, we just can't stop listening to:


1. Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin

We know public opinion on Alec Baldwin can be a mixed bag but we kinda like him. Not only can he do a spot on Trump impression, he is also a talented interviewer. From the glitziest Hollywood starlets to hardcore politicians, Baldwin has an ease and charm that guests to the podcasts find seemingly hard to resist. As do we...not fake news. 


2. The High Low

If you forced us to pick a favourite podcast and really twisted our arm, it would probably be this one. Hosts Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton are both journalists and extremely well-read ladies at that. We love that they are intelligent, eloquent and interested in a wide range of subjects without the added ego. The High Low covers everything from pop-culture to current affairs. The duo manage to combine topics like the #MeToo movement and Kylie Jenner's baby in the same episode with equally witty and informed commentary. 

Side note: The show is currently on hiatus while Pandora is on maternity leave with brand new baby Zadie. We already can't wait for its return...can you tell we're fan girls yet? 


3. Ear Hustle

Perhaps the outlier in this list, but no less of a good listen, Ear Hustle is recorded in San Quentin State Prison in California. A partnership between in-mate Earlonne Woods and artist Nigel Poor, the podcast covers everything you've ever wondered about prison, and a good few things that have never occurred to you. Amusing, honest, entertaining and often heartfelt, the episodes give a real sense of life behind bars, as well as all the events that can lead someone there, without shying away from difficult topics or shirking responsibility. 


4. Table Manners with Jessie Ware

Singer Jessie Ware along with her mum, Lennie, host podcast Table Manners. They invite well-known guests like Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Annie Mac and a hilarious Sandi Toksvig around for dinner and a natter about life, careers and always food. The pair have a fantastic relationship and obviously get on like a house on fire but don't edit out any of the bickering, nagging or sly but loving digs that make up any family dialogue. If nothing else, it'll make you want to call your mum for a good old chinwag.


5. Desert Island Discs

Last but certainly not least, Desert Island Discs. We slightly feel like we're cheating with this one but we just couldn't not include this classic. It is our go-to Sunday comfort listen, when we're feeling slightly delicate and need the podcast equivalent of a warming cup of tea and a nice hair stroke. Ok, we might be over egging it now but we defy you to find someone with a more soothing voice than Kirsty Young. The show originated on BBC Radio 4 in 1942 and still hasn't lost its lustre. Young interviews celebrated 'castaways' and invites them to share the soundtrack of their life. It's an uplifting, engaging listen and will almost always give you a better sense of the interviewee and their life before entering the public sphere.