New Year's Eve outfit, sorted. 

A silk midi skirt is the only thing you need in your wardrobe. All the insta-cool girls are wearing them so when Topshop released an affordable version of that IT gal approved fashion trend, we rushed out and bought it in every colour. Not joking. 

Not only was it giving us designer vibes for a fraction of the cost but it also gave us the feeling of wearing pyjamas. Nightwear as daywear is a trend we love to watch but afraid to daunt, that was until the invention of the silk midi skirt. It gives you that feeling of wearing pyjamas to work without going 'too' high fashion and wearing, well, pyjamas to work. It goes with everything: jumpers, polo necks, band tees, biker boots, kitten heels - you name it, we bet it works. 

So imagine how giddy we were when we discovered that Topshop has now launched a whole set of satin slip dresses! We're talking about the satin midi skirt, 2.0.  Dream. Come. True. 

In typical Topshop fashion, they are spoiling you for choice as the slip dress comes in a whopping eight colours (all eyes on the occur). So you can either chose your favourite or do what we're currently doing and ordering one in every colour...for when the others are in the wash, duh.

Plain Satin Slip Dress, €46-€52, Topshop

Just like the skirts, the dress is giving you that expensive designer feel but for a fraction of the price. Starting at €46 for the plain satin slip dress and peaking at €52 for the patterned version of the dress, we call that a bargain. 

It all sounds too good to be true (did we mention it comes in a tiger print?) and well, it kinda is. Some of the colours have already sold out so you've got to act fast if you want to nab yourself the dress of your dreams. 

Didn't you see the part about how they're selling out?...GO, GO, GO!

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