Ditch the time in the baggage hall: there\'s fun to be had!

Ditch the time in the baggage hall: there's fun to be had! Bridesmaid

Looking for a travel hack to get you from the airport to the pool in a jiffy? Try this to make sure you always get your luggage first. Seriously 

Don’t get us wrong – travelling itself is brilliant, but there are many opportunities for head melts involved. One of our pet hates is the endless wait at the baggage carousel.




You’re just off a flight, you’re really tired (possibly a bit tipsy if there was free booze) and now you have to stand for three hundred years waiting for your bags. There may also be a sliver of fear too, if you’re one of those poor soul who lost a never-to-be-seen-again suitcase once. Just us?



Insider trick

This clever travel hack though can help ensure your bag is one of the first out of the burly-whirly conveyor belt of annoyance. When you’re at the check in desk, as them for one of the fragile stickers, to put on your bag. Sorted! 

It will means your luggage will most likely be loaded on to the plane last, and therefore will be out earlier at the other end. It may also mean luggage handlers will be gentle with it, which is always good too. Then, in double quick time, you'll be heading out of the airport like:



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