Never feel like your carry on case can hold enough? Well we have the answer...

Avoid the fees

We're all fallen foul to the crappy packing restrictions imposed on us from budget airlines. But what if we told you there's an easy way to squeeze more into your carry on case? The answer is actually pretty simple. In one of those 'Why haven't I thought of this before' moments, we stumbled across vacuum seal bags and noticed they're perfect for getting the most out of the tiny space your suitcase offers. You know the ones - you usually use them to store all your out of season clothes and bits you don't need? You fill them up, then use the hoover to suck out all the air taking up unnecessary space. Which is great for your storage problems at home but even better news when it comes to packing as much as possible into your tiny carry on. 


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Style it out

Now - the more you squeeze in the heavier the case will get. But thankfully airlines never really weigh your carry on. So as long as you look like you're not struggling with the weight of it you'll get away with it. Just cruise on by with your extra load.....


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