You can do it!

You can do it!IMAGE: GETTY

Everyone knows they should drink lots of water – everyone. How many of us actually do it? Eh, less than everyone, we reckon.

Why is it so important? Well, given that the average adult human body is made up of about 60 per cent water, it’s pretty essential for health. Dehydration can be behind all sorts of things, from headaches to a lack of concentration. Also, when you’re sufficiently hydrated, your skin looks and feels way better! So it’s worth upping your water game. 

If the thoughts of knocking back seven or eight glasses a day gives you a pain in your face, there are few moves you can try.

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Don’t like the taste? Change it up

If plain water is like drinking liquid boredom, try sparkling water (this may give you a serious case of burps though). Or jus adding a bit of flavour can make it surprisingly  more palatable. Add in some fresh fruit wedges, cucumber slices or mint leaves. 

Eat it instead

Many experts will say that you’re better off eating your water. Eating it? Yep, if it’s in something like cucumber or melon, your body absorbs it more slowly. Plus you’re getting extra nutrients too. Acclaimed skincare expert Dr Howard Murad is a big fan of eating your water. 

Herbal teas work too

Regular caffeinated beverages are not thought to be great as part of your daily water intake.  Caffeine can be a diuretic (which makes you pee more) and it can lead to headaches. Herbal teas, however, count as good water – and you can choose one that suits your mood (relax or wake up). Or go for green tea as it's packed with antioxidants.

Never get around to drinking it?

Make it easy for yourself. Knock a glass back at breakfast (this trick is extra good), or keep a jug or bottle on your desk at work. You could make a deal with yourself that you’ll have  a glass with every meal/before a cup of tea. And if you’re really rubbish at remembering, set up an alert on your phone. 

Yes, extra peeing might be a side effect but your happy, hydrated organs – and face – will be worth the effort.

(Note: this is for advice only. If you find yourself becoming excessively thirsty or your health changes, do have a chat with a  medical professional.)

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