Today could present some unwanted delays so take them in your stride, as they may feature in the days ahead. Try not to force things to happen, sometimes doing nothing is best. Some of your personal funds can be spent in more experimental ways – the results of which may surprise you.


Unfortunately, it looks like this could be a time when certain activities or relationships naturally end. Maybe this could be a positive thing though and time to let some things go. You may also find yourself attracted to the dangerous and the unconventional.


Today could be marked with romantic aspirations or strong feelings. You may find yourself interested in social issues but you will still feel OK. Hold off on joining a new club or group for now, in a few weeks you will know if this is the right thing for you.


You may start to feel the pressure to deal with responsibilities and deadlines is increasing. Try not to lose your temper, however much you feel like, and find another way to let off some steam. Also, your good luck will see you through a difficult situation.


Some relationships are mutually beneficial and some are not. Try to not let your generous nature be misplaced. You may be surprised by a partner’s sudden appetite and their active aggressive position may clash with your usually calm and balanced opinions.


The routine of work could be about to change, brining lots of excitement. You may feel like you’re not doing enough for a certain someone, when in reality you may be trying too hard and perhaps a more relaxed attitude could be just the trick. Also, enough with feeling guilty all the time – if someone offers you a treat, take it!


It might be a good idea to keep your head down and read a book, or watch a movie, rather than confronting a situation that could be extremely tense. Try not to be a risk taker when it comes to your finances, unless you are 100% confident in the outcome. Lots of fun could mean big expenses.


Is there something stopping you from getting on with what you know you should be doing? Don’t worry, soon enough you will find you are gravitating towards more productive action. You may feel particularly connected to your parents or homeland today, causing you to overestimate the good and exaggerate the bad.


Difficult as it may be, try to switch off your thoughts, as all that thinking can become exhausting. Instead find a way to turn your thoughts to less stressful matters, like a long relaxing walk. Stick to your own opinions and values and try to not let yourself be swayed by others.


Seize the day ( a little ‘carpe diem’ if you will) and take control of your current situation, whether that’s a big move or a relationship that could do with some attention. Now could be the perfect time to invest some money into a project or to become a sponsor for someone close to you.


Today could shed some light on romantic feelings you have for someone that have been building up lately, although putting those feelings into words may not be so easy. You may be feeling exceptionally generous with family and relatives but at the same time, try not to demand too much from them in return.


Variety is the spice of life, so find an activity that interests you and get serious about it! Keep an eye on start costs though as they have the potential to spiral. Try to be cautious when airing your views, you may unintentionally insult someone without even realising it.