If in doubt, seek advice from someone you trust, Aquarius. 



Today may not be the most appropriate time to start something new, so it’s best to save it for another time. If there is a particular job that you need to finish then you should start this is the morning and aim to be as productive as possible. Your personal charm will be your saving grace, because it will allow you to show people the best version of you. The answer to a problematic relationship will present itself.


Emotionally, you will be in a good place, Taurus and this will become crucial as the day goes on, as you could be faced with some unsettling situations that are out of your hands. You might feel like giving back to the community in some way or helping out a friend who could use some support. Free yourself from any excess baggage that has been weighing you down.


Although you may find it a challenge, try your best to stick to the plan as far as your workload is concerned. Regardless of how prepared you are and despite planning for every eventuality, sometimes things happen that we could never have foreseen. Even though someone close to you may have seemed as though they were a little off with you lately, their mood could soon be back to normal.


How you see the world around you will depend largely on how you perceive it. There will always be events and challenges that you could not have predicted, but rest assured that you have the ability to adapt to the situation, whatever it requires.  As odd as it may sound, sometimes the more we know about a person the less we like them.


Projects that call for you to be particularly accurate and precise should be taken care of before lunch time today. Following the rules is difficult at the best of times, but the best way to stay on track is to start as you mean to go on. In spite of how hard you work and the level of perfection you strive to maintain, try not to be too critical of your efforts.


Attention all Virgos born in mid-September, because there is a strong chance your mood will have a lot of power over how you feel and how you react to small problems. The need to investigate some things that have been bothering you will become too much to ignore. Some of your discoveries could turn out to be very interesting. Don’t allow the people you care about to wear you down, regardless of how much you love them.


You might discover a point of weakness in something that you thought you had pretty much sussed. The best way to tackle these issues is by approaching the problem carefully and figuring out a course of action. Despite opting to take a more reserved approach to difficult situations, sometimes it pays to be a bit more direct and straightforward with what you want.


Get thinking about what you want your future to look like today, Scorpio as now is the perfect time to make plans for the days and years ahead. The opportunity to make a change to the routine chores you do every day may present itself and you should grab this chance while you can. While we generally assume that far away hills are greener, when we look a little closer we may discover that this is not always the case.


Any work related business, particularly if it has been assigned to you by a boss or someone in management, should be completed as early as possible today, Sagittarius. You might find that staying alert and focused will become more of a challenge as the day wears on but the temptation to sway from the rules will only be getting stronger.  If you are in a relationship or there is someone special in your life, then romance should be a priority to keep things fresh.


Good news Capricorn as the beginning of today doesn’t look like it will show up any unpleasant happenings or unexpected occurrences. If you look close enough you are bound to find mistakes and the same goes for people; no one is without fault, so try to and focus on the good instead. Consider taking up a new hobby or trying something new, like a musical instrument or joining a class.


If you are a little unsure about whether or not you should take a chance on a new project, it could be very beneficial to speak to someone who has experience in a similar field. You might learn a lot more than you expected. The way in which you come across to other people and how they perceive you is set to improve in the coming days.


This Tuesday is not the best time for you and a partner to make a plan that affects both of you, and coming to an agreement about an issue will also be a challenge, so it might be a good idea to leave these discussions for another time.  If you feel as though you are being tested, then use it as an opportunity to prove yourself. Believe in your capabilities and skills.