Problem solving requires time and patience, Leo.



It’s likely that you will be feeling a bit lonely Aries, but try not to centre all your attention on how you are feeling and instead search out the positives. Let this be the year that you focus on yourself more often and avoid being guilted into making other people your number one priority. Don’t waste your energy on the things that are not important.


Transforming your life by either changing the family dynamic or taking extreme measures, will be something you will consider today, Taurus. Trusting someone is difficult and even more so when people have broken yours on previous occasions; be careful about who you open up to in future unless they prove themselves to you.


Enough with the procrastination – get your thinking cap on and spend some real time considering to your education and professional career. Chose a field that will provide some long-term security. Hard work pays off and yours is slowly helping you to achieve your goals. Don’t backtrack when trying to get ahead.


A strong motivation and a drive to succeed will be your purpose today and this will see you through many tasks, no matter what you have in mind. This may require some adjusting though depending on your family commitments, but avoid being used by other people. You may also be feeling a little more romantic and spiritual than usual.


Rushing in to sort out a problem probably isn’t the best option; instead take the time to work out a strategy and go from there. Lots of physical work or completely tiring yourself out are not on the cards for you today, Leo. It’s time to open up and have a long overdue conversation that has been ignored for long enough!


Having a constructive conversation about an issue that needs solving will become a lot easier, when the right words and language are used.  All you have to do is let go of the feelings you are harbouring from the past and be open to change. If your partner is going through a rough patch, perhaps a creative hobby or doing some artwork could help.



Today you will notice that the opinions and traits of other people will not affect you and any differences will pass without difficulty. Avoid being led astray by others and do not be coerced into doing something against your will, especially if it will have lasting effects. Find something solid in your life to focus your attentions on.


Your gut instincts and common sense will be your safest bet, so listen to them and do what feels right. Old plans that didn’t materialise could get a second chance at some point over the coming days. If you feel like you are the one putting in all the effort into either a friendship or a relationship, then try and avoid being bitter as this will not help the situation.


You can be forgiven for wanting to let your hair down and do something fun after a busy day or week, but be careful that this new outlet doesn’t drag you down a path that could affect you emotionally. Also, pay close attention to the income that you earn from work or some other professional activity.


Unfortunately, you can’t always blame other people for the things that go wrong in your life; you are responsible for your own actions, what you say and the way you deal with difficult situations. Anything you have been bottling up lately should be spoken about with someone you trust. Don’t be afraid to get emotional and say how you really feel; the person you tell could value your honesty.


Instincts and reason will coincide peacefully together today. When dealing with very essential matters such as household issues and food, go with what you feel is best. Handling anything to do with money looks like it will be a bit head wrecking, especially if it involves speaking to a company or business.


The strength you have will either improve or decrease dramatically throughout the day, Pisces. How you are feeling from a health point of view and also what you are dealing with in your personal life will have an effect on this. If you lack the confidence it takes to make an idea happen, put it aside (without forgetting about it) until you can commit to it 100%.