Don’t be too hasty Leo, take your time.



You will have to eventually say good-bye to some of your romantic hopes and elevated ideas. If they are dear to your heart, you should think about what else you could do to ensure their realisation.



The stars feel favourable towards you and circumstances will often play into your hands. However, when it comes to your new personal initiatives, it makes sense to hold off carrying them out for at least one more day.



All day long you will tend to be secretive, romantic and idealistic. You will be prone to seeing some sides of life through the rose-tinted glasses, which will be in your way of taking a serious focused approach to the tasks at hand.



You may be keen to involve yourself in activities that leave you feeling stretched and fulfilled. Nevertheless, if you can’t achieve this by being in good company, then you may be tempted to shop for a few luxuries instead.



Your head and heart can combine in sync, and enable you to make progress with key plans and alliances. However, don’t be in too much of a rush Leo, as an issue may need to be fully resolved before you pursue other interests.



The present line-up can see you reflecting on the benefits of a particular course of action. How will it feel? Is it really worth it? Some of these questions may only be answered by being bold.



The Scales will have to soon say good-bye to their idealistic approach to a partnership. Even now some opportunities and certain bright personalities are eager to disappear from your horizon. In order to keep a good partner or confederate, preserve marriage and develop business contacts, you will have to change your tactics.



Change an approach to your own health, medical treatment and ways of staying in shape. Don’t be doing the same thing for too long. Imagination and inspiration will help with doing boring work.



Today Sagittarius is given an opportunity to lay a foundation for a new creative cycle. Today your imagination can be easily activated by external events or specific peculiarities of the environment around you.



You may need to make a decision that could have life-changing consequences. You don’t like to rush things, rightly, but don’t stall too long, Capricorn.



Life may be giving you your last chance to become closer to your dream. This is the day when you can afford to forget about practicality and pragmatism for a little while and build your social contacts based solely on your own ideals.



It is today that Pisces should try to determine what exactly serves as a source of its physical and spiritual energy. It will not hurt to figure out your income sources, either. You may resolve these problems intuitively.