February born Pisces may not have the best day today.


Aries it seems that the morning time will not be the most productive for you this Tuesday and instead any important business tasks should be left until the afternoon hours. Obstacles and hurdles in your way that you could not have foreseen will be the cause of you running behind schedule! There may be a trip abroad in store for you very soon.


Even though it’s easier said than done, spending too much time fussing over what could have been really doesn’t get you very far at all. This is particularly important to remember in the earlier hours of this Tuesday. Instead, assess what you need to work on in the future and go from there. You may also be in for a nice financial treat in the next few days.


Unfortunately any Gemini’s who were born in the middle of June are unlikely to have a very productive day today and they may be in need of something to inspire them. Try to avoid taking sides in an argument wherever possible because it rarely ends well – you don’t want to end up falling out with someone over something that had nothing to do with you in the first place!


While you may be inclined to think that your ideas are the best and the only ones that matter, make sure you listen to and take other people’s opinions into account also – they might surprise you with what they have to say. You may not be able to think things through clearly today so it’s best if you don’t go about making any long-term commitments.


Leo, today you might find it more difficult than usual to completely chill out and forget about the stresses and worries that have been bothering you lately. Don’t put things off for too long, particularly where romance is concerned as the other person may eventually change their mind! The evening hours will be the best time to knuckle down and get some proper work done.


If you have any new plans or ideas that you need to get working on sooner rather than later, then the early afternoon looks like the ideal time to give these tasks your complete attention. The morning hours are best suited to familiar jobs and routine work. It’s possible that either yourself or other people may be acting a little unusual today too.


Libra, today will not be the time for you to be concentrating on all the things you would like to do in your free time, and rather the majority of your energy should be put towards completing the tasks at hand! A casual friendship may begin to develop into something more meaningful and take you by surprise. Your social circle looks like it could be about to expand too.


It’s a good idea for you to hold off on holding any important business talks or meetings at the start of this Tuesday Scorpio and instead these should be held in the later hours of the day. The morning time will present its own set of challenges and therefore you will not want to be distracted by other things happening at the same time.


Regardless of how much time you send planning, sometimes things just do not work out as we would have hoped they would. Don’t take this too personally Sagittarius, as it’s unlikely that it has anything to do with you. The people you were once very close to may seem as though they have become more distant towards you of late; if this is the case, give them their space and they will get in contact when they are ready.


Acceptance is rarely easy Capricorn, however if you hold onto too much bitter and anger it will only make you more unhappy in the long run. Make your peace now and allow yourself to move on, burden free. If you allow yourself five minutes to stop and take charge today, you may notice lots of things you haven’t seen or paid any attention to before.


If you’re a little bored or at a bit of a loose end today Aquarius this could lead you to focus on the negative rather than the positive. To avoid this, endeavor to keep busy at all times and fill your day with fun and interesting activities. Deal with reoccurring problems once and for all today Aquarius, otherwise they are unlikely to ever truly go away.


Any Pisces born in the month of February will be feeling a little emotional today and as a result they may begin to take a throwaway comment to heart. Don’t let these affect you as it’s unlikely it was meant to cause offense. Try to consciously find the good in people, rather than the bad! Your determination and that spark to succeed that you have been missing of late may return once again.