You’ll be ready for an adventure today Capricorn. 



Aries, today looks like you will be provided with the right tools to hold and partake challenging conversations. You will be able to get our point across in a constructive way. Make sure you understand all documents and contracts that you are signing before making any long-term commitments.


This Tuesday will provide Taurus with the chance to question and perhaps even mull over some past decisions. However, if required to give a straight answer, indecisiveness may become a real problem. Try your best to get along with others and refrain from causing tension between others wherever possible.


Gemini, if you were a May baby the early hours of today and indeed up until lunch time, look like they will be the most successful for you. So if you have some pressing ventures to undertake, it is recommended that you do so during this time. Avoid placing too much weight on material wealth and instead focus on more meaningful things.

Any of you who were born in the month of June will no doubt struggle to keep your opinions to yourself today, even if the consequences of your honesty are less than favourable. Putting others before yourself today will not only be a nice gesture towards someone else, it will also have a positive effect on your day.


Try to reconnect with close friends today Leo; even if you see these people on a regular basis, have you really stopped to have a proper conversation with them in recent months? Avoid any awkwardness by choosing mutually enjoyable topics. However, making new friends and interacting with strangers will be very easy for you.


While having a strong opinion is not necessarily a bad thing Virgo, being just as pen to the thoughts and ideas of other people will allow you to see things from varying perspectives, and you may learn something very important while you’re at it. Other people will see this positive change in you also.


Libra, you will be on the lookout to make sure that the people around you are treated right and fairly this Tuesday. This will remain your top priority. Kindness and being kind is something you will value strongly. Meeting new people and expanding your horizons will see you making some new friends.


If the possibility of romance is becoming more of a hindrance than anything else, try to keep things platonic until you are ready for more than friendship. Allow things to develop naturally. Look to the people you trust if you need help, advice or support. They may be brutally honest, but maybe that’s exactly what you need!


Work colleagues or perhaps even your boss could become an unlikely crutch for you today Sagittarius. Tough challenges might seem daunting at first, but your sense of determination will slowly give you the confidence you’ve been missing. Sharing problems and worries is unlikely to make the situation worse.


Capricorn’s sense of adventure and interest in an active lifestyle will be very prominent today. So much so they you may find yourself seeking out adrenaline inducing activities. Be careful though and know your limits! Regardless of how you feel towards someone try your best to remain polite when interacting with them.


Aquarius, hard work and a long day will certainly not be your idea of a good time this Tuesday. Instead you will favour more relaxed activities and approach tasks with a more laid back attitude. Learning new and interesting information will be important to you. Be prepared though as you may find yourself becoming quite emotional and this could catch you off guard.


Pisces, regardless of your talents for all that is artistic and creative, you are unlikely to be without some difficulties in this area today. While you may have believed one thing to be true for a long time, your perception of this may undergo a somewhat drastic change today. Your relationship with your other half will be stronger than every today.