Your confidence will get a huge boost today, Leo.

Today Arians will trust their intuition blindly. It really is capable of being a faithful helper in many matters. In this way you will quickly find an answer to a question your colleagues pose regarding your mutual work. In personal matters your subconscious will whisper to you in difficult and complicated situations.

On the 18th of October 2016 Taureans will restore their long-standing business partnership. Your previous partner will also understand that this alliance is in need of reformation. You will only agree to it under the conditions which seem most optimal to you.

On this day Geminis will work under purely comfortable psychological conditions. A person at work who you can’t stand will be fired and replaced by someone new. The new guy will be young and inexperienced, and so you will decide to show him the ropes. In this way you will make a new friend.

On this day Cancers will have to deal with a difficult family-related problem. This difficulty will arise in the life of your brother, sister, niece or nephew. Even during work hours you will constantly talk to him on the phone, in order to find out how it’s going.

Leos’ physical attractiveness will be exponentially intensified today. Literally everyone will notice the results of your strict diet (even someone who has ignored you for a long time). This person will invite you to a romantic dinner. You will agree, but without excitement – with your new self confidence you will no longer consider this person worthy of your company.

On the 18th of October undue conceit will get in Virgos’ way. You will be entrusted with a promising project, and you will be partnered with one of the inexperienced staff members. You will immediately take on all the main aspects of the work, ignoring your partner’s advice, and this will turn out to be a big mistake.

Today Libras will put their innate diplomacy to use. At work you will be forced to address a certain controversial issue, and in order to do so you will need all your knowledge of human psychology. In the end you will deal brilliantly with the task assigned you, and you will receive the sincere thanks of your managers.

On this day Scorpios will be able to fulfill their boldest desires and fantasies virtually at the drop of a hat. You will end off this day in the company of a person who always seemed like an unattainable dream. You will finally tell them how you feel, and they will immediately inform you that they feel the same. Your relationship will begin then and there.

Sagittarians will not be very organised today. You will imprudently forget something at home which you need for work, and a little bit later you will mess up in the most mundane task. Little by little you will take on a more serious tone, but the annoyed face of your significant other will hover before your eyes. You will suddenly remember a recent scandal and the fact that you are now separated.

For Capricorns the emotional components of human relationships will be important. At work you will choose as your partner somebody whose personality you are really impressed with. In the evening you will go shopping at the stores which you find most appealing, and make many unnecessary purchases.

Aquarians will make a start on their massive financial project. You will put your capital on the line, and you won’t regret this decision at all. By the evening it will already be clear that your brainchild has the right to life, and that it could offer you a comfortable existence.

On the 18th of October Pisces will start to stockpile chemicals, food and other indispensable items. You will realize that your company is planning to fire a large portion of the staff in the next few days. In order to be on the safe side, you will stop all unnecessary spending.