Spoil someone you love today, Scorpio!



This Tuesday it’s likely Aries will have to deal with some complications at work. Perhaps you will be required to make a difficult decision that you would much rather avoid. However putting this on the long finger is only drawing out the inevitable.


Taurus, today you will have to be very alert and concentrate fully on the task at hand as you will have to fill out important forms that will need to be error free. Try to be polite when telling others that you can’t afford to be distracted at this time.


You will easily be able to outsmart someone who feels as though they have the ability to fool or trick you into doing something unbeknownst to you. The way in which you go about this will be very clever and the result will surprise them greatly!


Cancer, no matter how hard you try today it seems very likely that you will find yourself drawn into arguments between others. However your strong feelings on these types of situations will help you to remain as un-biased as possible.


There’s a chance Leo will not have as much energy as they would have liked today and will feel somewhat tired and lethargic throughout the day. However it also looks like you will have a very busy day at work and you may have to forget about this for a while!


Virgo, your natural ability to help others and lend a helping hand when they could use it, will be a skill you will use today. If you are training in someone with less experience than you, remember to be kind and not intimidating when doing so.


It might be hard to correctly judge a relationship, or even the status of a potential relationship today Libra, so therefore you’re probably better off not worrying about something you have very little power over. You might also feel close to someone you have only gotten to know recently.


Scorpio, this Tuesday you will have the chance to spoil someone who means a lot to you and perhaps even spend a little extra on a special gift for them. Knowing they are happy with this present will mean a lot to you as well.


Unfortunately, it looks like you might have to step up and take over a project that isn’t really your responsibility. This might be the result of someone else not fulfilling their duties like they should, but whatever the case you will impress with your ability to get the job done.


Sticking up for your beliefs and what is important to you is something that will mean a lot to Capricorn throughout the day. Therefore, if you are out in a position where you have to defend yourself you will do so quite confidently.


Even though you may be tempted to change your habits when it comes to money and spending, this Tuesday doesn’t seem like the best time to do this. It seems as though Aquarius would be better off beginning this project at a different time.


Your innovative streak and ability to present your ideas with enthusiasm, will benefit you today Pisces. Your self-belief will make others also feel confident about your proposed plans – regardless of the fact that they will most likely be family and friends!