Don’t let your determination waver this Tuesday, Sagittarius.



Aries, if you’ve somewhat of a tendency to act first and think later, then today might be a good time to do things in the reverse. Try to assess a situation carefully before diving head first into something. You will also benefit from being a little more patient and less aggressive.


Your known for being a little stuck in your ways (and a bit stubborn when you’ve made your mind-up about an idea), however today it seems that someone else will be the one in charge. You will find it easy to make a decision, where friends and colleagues will struggle.


Gemini, if you like to hear your fair share of news (and gossip for that matter) on a daily basis, then today is seems as though you may be the one who is the topic of conversation. Don’t be so quick to judge people before you’ve walked in their shoes. If you have to get a lot done today, you’ll look for an entertaining way to do so.


Cancer, will be very sensitive to the needs and wants of others throughout this Tuesday. You will be able to tell if a close pal or work colleague has something on their mind and being there as a shoulder to cry on is something you’ll be able to handle.


This Tuesday is seems as though the similarities and indeed the differences in the personalities of both Leo and Pisces will complement each other remarkable well. Look out for ways in which you can do something nice for another today; not only will it make you feel good it could make their day too.


Virgo, your natural flare for precision and perfection, will shine through this Tuesday, whereby these skills will be out to the test. This might not necessarily be something artistically related, you may be simply asked to finish something that someone else started and add a little more polish to the original.


Today Libra may struggle somewhat with being completely confident and comfortable within themselves. It might simply be that you’re not feeling your most confident at this time and that’s what contributing to your lack of esteem. You may also find your inspiration is lacking as well.


Scorpio, sometimes your natural reaction to some unexpected news or an unusual situation is not exactly the best one to let other people see. If you find you’re dealing with a particularly sensitive subject, then you will have to be especially careful of this.


If you’ve formed a well thought plan and followed a specific course of action so far, in order to get where you want to be, then it would be wise for Sagittarius to continue with this throughout the day. This Tuesday will be a successful one if you have some study to attend to.


Capricorn, this Tuesday will not necessarily be one of those days where lots of dramatic events will unfold for you, but still in saying that you are likely to enjoy whatever the day has to offer. There are times when you have to use something to your advantage, even if you feel a little odd doing so.


Be cautious of what you say today and who you say it too Aquarius, as someone who you think is a friend will turn out to be someone you cannot trust. It’s also worth taking what you hear today with a pinch of salt as someone may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes.


Pisces, you should explore aspects of art and culture that you’re interested in this Tuesday; things such as museums that you haven’t yet visited could turn out to be a very interesting way to spend your time. However, don’t automatically think yourself an expert in all things right away.