Your thoughtful and kind side will shine through today, Gemini.



Your popularity looks like it will be on the rise over the next few days and people will want to spend time with you, due to your charisma and fun energy. This is especially good because you may have had a particularly tough time of late. This is also a good opportunity to branch out and meet some new people or perhaps try out a new hobby.


Even though things might be a little up in a heap at the moment and life may not be going your way, you could be surprised with your own strength. Don’t feel forced to make big decisions or answers questions until you feel comfortable and ready. Financially, you’re in luck; today will be successful for paying bills or possibly even getting a loan.


The thoughtful and kind side of you will be very evident today Gemini, and you could find yourself giving to the people around you, whether you can manage to or not. Spend some time working on a relationship that you may have unintentionally neglected lately; it could be more advantageous than you realise.


If you are feeling a little jealous of someone lately, which happens to everyone, maybe it is because you know that you are also capable of the success that they have achieved. Use this as your motivation to move on to bigger and better things. Look out for potential in unlikely sources and try to think outside the box when brainstorming ideas.


Anything creative will be successful today Leo, such as a new project or something involving art and design. A date with someone you like could work out even better than you had imagined and romance looks likely. Try to remember to have fun and enjoy yourself a little more also; if you get an unexpected invite to do something interesting – go for it!


The next few days will see you feeling more and more at ease with life, which makes it easier for you to chill out and relax. This will also help you to sympathise with the people around you, regardless of a difference in opinions. Catch up with family today or have a get together with a group of relations if you haven’t seen them in a while. Time flies; so don’t keep putting things off!


Perhaps you have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately, and the pressure you have been under is starting to get on top of you; feel secure in knowing that things will get easier very soon, but only if you ask for help. Maybe you could improve the situation too by becoming more organised and punctual with your deadlines.


An unexpected chat with someone has the potential to encourage you and give you the confidence you have been lacking of late. If the people around you aren’t being very supportive of your new ideas, then you should to not let this bother you. Trust your own judgment and move forwards. Perhaps the most valuable possessions in your life are free.


Today looks like it will be full of opportunities and a friendly atmosphere will surround you as well Sagittarius – especially if you were a December baby. Watch out that you are not missing important opportunities by mistake; maybe it’s a good idea to be a little more alert over the next few days. A new friend or project could lift your spirits.


If you are going through a tough time and could do with more support from friends and family, you cannot expect them to know that you are struggling if you do not ask for some help. It is quite possible that they would be more than willing to be there for you if you open up to them more. You could find that you are less self-conscious and uptight than usual, especially in public.


It is possible that recent confrontations have made you feel unhappy and disappointed, so feel secure in knowing that your social life will be getting more exciting over the coming days and you will have a lot more to look forward to. You might find it easier to approach new people and make friends.


Sometimes the fear of the unknown, and also the fear of failure can make it more appealing to give up rather than to keep going; but consider all your options before throwing in the towel. Today could have some difficult moments, but there could also be a few good surprises thrown in there for good measure.