Sort out any household problems once and for all today, Cancer.



Remember to be tactful at all times and this will apply to you more so today, than perhaps ever before. It’s important to remember to be as kind and friendly as possible, this will help you to get far in terms of both your career and life in general. Today may bring with it a shift in your relationship whereby your partner plays a more assertive role and you will be happy to let this happen.


Even though they’re pretty boring and to be honest, most of us would rather not have to do them at all, today will be successful if there are chores to be done, both in the home or work related tasks. Try to be a little more passionate about the things you spend your time doing; if you feel like they are a burden they will automatically be less appealing.


Today will have many favourable circumstances waiting for you Gemini, so be ready to make the most of whatever opportunities come your way. Make the most of the good mood you are in and do something nice for your partner. Perhaps you are really close to someone, but you would like to make the relationship a romantic one; now is your time to make a move and stop waiting around.


If your home life is particularly turbulent at present and it is causing you undue stress then you should try and set some time aside today to sort out these problems once and for all. Regardless of your relationship to someone, be it family or otherwise, sometimes people just do not see eye to eye and the harder you try to force a relationship the more awkwardness there will be.


Despite what you may feel in the heat of the moment and regardless of what someone else says to you in the middle of an argument, try to be the bigger person and refrain from making nasty and personal comments towards the other person. At all times endeavour to adopt a positive approach to whatever situation you find yourself in.


The morning hours present the ideal opportunity for Virgo to look into alternative ways of brining in a little extra income each month and also coming up with ways to make this a long-term plan. Perhaps a business partner would be a good idea to get this project off the ground; it’s wise to look to someone who possesses skills and qualities that differ from your own.


Compared to yesterday and indeed many of the previous days also, today you will feel much more free and be able to make independant decisions away from pressure or burden. A little bit of luck might also be on its way to you! While everyone wants to look and feel good in equal measure this requires work and commitment in order to be the best you, that you can be.


If you feel like being the hostess with the mostess today Scorpio then today is the perfect time to throw a party or get together for friends and the people close to you. Why not show off your culinary skills while you’re at it? Having a loving relationship is comforting and enjoyable, and relationships that are also built on friendship first, will be even more harmonious.


It’s time to be happy with what you do have Sagittarius and not be constantly looking to what the next person earns or makes. Try not to be greedy; being grateful and accepting is an important quality to possess. The chance to have an interesting conversation with an even more interesting person may present itself. Any artistic talents you have including music or doing something creative should be explored.


Maybe things have not been going so well lately, in your relationship or otherwise, because you could do with putting in a bit more of an effort. It’s always easier to point the finger of blame towards someone else, but sometimes you have to be accountable too. Avoid being over nice or too willing though, you don’t want people thinking you are a pushover.


Someone may decide to spoil you and shower you with gifts today Aquarius – why refuse? If your career or another project that you are working also requires a business partner to put in an equal amount of time and effort, do not do more than your fair share, regardless of how passionate you are about the job. Surround yourself with inspiring, exciting people who make you want to get out and enjoy life.


No matter what the situation or where you find yourself, always trust your instincts when you’re unsure about what decisions to make. Be yourself when in a group or around new people; if they don’t like the person you are, forget about them and find some people who do! The bright and shiny will be particularly appealing to you today Pisces, but don’t go too crazy on the spending, remember tomorrow is another day.