It’s worth listening to what others are saying today, Aquarius



Your career will be very important to you today Aries and you will be inclined to put a little more effort in at work as a result. However, be mindful that all work and no play is not healthy for anyone so try to find a good balance that works for you. Your work friends may also be looking for an excuse to become more social. You will be able to put aside any anger you have a start afresh also.


Do not begin to doubt yourself and your abilities today Taurus, as this is a sure way to loose your natural self-confidence. Your ability to remain professional at all times will work in your favour. Embrace whatever changes come your way and look to them as an opportunity to meet new people. The part of you that is normally fully together and composed will begin to get a little scattered.


Open your mind up to a new way of thinking and do not confine yourself to a particular way of living your life. The decisions you will make today Gemini will have less to do with the people around you and more to do with your independence and personal references. All of this excitement might make it difficult for you to keep focused on one thing in particular.


Could some of your newfound problems and the difficult situations you have found yourself in lately be the result of the people you are spending your time with? Excitement and energy is great, but not when it is having a negative effect on you. Your money worries are slowly decreasing, however you should refrain from unnecessary spending for the time being.


Today you should dedicate a specific amount of time to looking after your health, to make sure you are in tiptop shape, Leo. Household chores, as monotonous as they may be, still need to be complicated on a regular basis so don’t put them off for too long! You will be particularly aware of how other people may be feeling and more sensitive to their needs.


Some rest and relaxation will be on the cards for Virgo today and if you have you been under any extra pressure lately then you should use this time wisely. A treat every now and then is great but be careful than you do not go overboard on expensive presents. Perhaps you have taken up a new hobby recently, if so you should seek out opportunities to show off your skills.


Throughout the day you may be offered the chance to do something new or an exciting opportunity may present itself. Any Libra’s born in September you will become very wise today in terms of your scheming and secret plan-making. You will also be highly intuitive and should have no problems picking up on any awkwardness or tension that is happening around you.


If you are in work or an environment that you are required to maintain a professional attitude, then it’s always best to be polite and proper when addressing someone in a position of power. No matter how prepared you feel, life always has a way of throwing us an unexpected curveball. Be careful that your over-sensitiveness does not cause you to take things the wrong way.


Today is the perfect time to plan a holiday or seriously consider making the trip of a lifetime – don’t always put things off for another time. If you’re in a relationship and things are going really well between you and your partner, romance will be in the air and perhaps marriage too! Financially, you might benefit from being a little more prudent with your pennies.


The desire to think outside the box – in terms of how you approach everyday situations – and explore a new way of doing things will be very appealing to you today Capricorn. Maybe you could also apply this to your approach to making money. Avoid risky deals and anything with an uncertain outcome – you don’t want to end up loosing money in the process.


You will be more inclined to listen to what other people are trying to tell you today, Aquarius, so pay attention because it could be for your own benefit. Even though you may not like to show your true feelings to many people, at least let your family know what is going on. You might well become a little nostalgic throughout the day and enjoy watching old pictures or home movies.


The day will see you become even more determined than usual and very little will get in your way of achieving your goal. Regardless of how practical you endeavour to be, it is perfectly ok to allow yourself to daydream a little when you get the chance. Now is also a good time to go out on that date you have been putting off recently or meet up with friends for a chat over coffee.