Try to think of original ideas and solutions today, Virgo. 



The finer things in life will be less and less important to you today Aries, as your mind will be focused on more practical concerns throughout the day. You will be eager to figure out new ways of becoming more and more organised and you will also step up and take charge of your responsibilities. Unfortunately, you may have to hold off on plans made with your other half for another day.


General day-to-day tasks may require some more planning than usual Taurus, and you will have to be very rigid with your time in order to get everything completed on schedule. While it’s great to be enthusiastic and not afraid to give your opinion when asked for it, make sure you do not overstep the mark. You may be finding it difficult to give a definite answer concerning a new idea or venture.


Things may be a little tense between you and your partner today Gemini, and neither one of you is really at fault. Try to stay out of each other’s way where possible and any awkwardness should pass in time. You might be inclined to feel that no matter how hard you are trying to achieve something, one obstacle or another is continuously getting in your way.


Trial and error seems to be the order of the day for you today Cancer where your strengths, but equally your weaknesses will be tested. Personal beliefs will not be any great comfort today, unfortunately. You might meet some new people who will bring some excitement into your life! A hidden, undiscovered talent may become very obvious.


Now is not the time to indulge yourself with pampering treats and chilled out, lazy afternoons, so instead Leo should use this time to complete all lingering tasks and duties. Even though you may be tempted to run away from any uncomfortable situations and avoid confrontation at all costs, sometimes this is not the best solution to your problems.


Possessing good communication skills is always a useful trait to have, but so too is being able to think outside the box when something needs solving. There is a chance that you could find yourself in a not so nice situation that could potentially have an element of danger attached to it, so be cautious where you venture Virgo. If you have been working on a side project and are eager to share your ideas with other people then now is a good time to do so.


There are always going to be times when it feels like some people have things handed to them on a plate while others have to work hard for everything they have – if you are feeling like this then try not to let it get you down too much. Avoid focusing on the negative and instead look for something positive to take your mind off things.


Today should be spent coming up with ways of dealing with any issues that you are facing at home and Scorpio should actively seek out ways of coming up with a solution. You will not work well under limited freedom today so you should avoid this and aim to be as efficient as you can. Perhaps you have been holding back from signing your name on the dotted line for an important project – the coming days will provide you with the answers you have been looking for.


It looks like you will be in the best of spirits today Sagittarius where you will feel more inclined to get out and become more active throughout the day. If you have a creative streak that has not been explored in a long time, then now is the perfect opportunity to do so. Regardless of how focused you are on long term goals, figuring out the smaller, everyday tasks are just as important.


Be bold and brave today Capricorn; if you have been afraid of addressing an issue that has been causing you some stresses lately then this Tuesday promises you success in this field. Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself and others about the things that are on your mind. If you have been holding everything in and bottling a lot up lately then find an outlet to say how you feel.


Take care when on the road today Aquarius, especially of you’re driving; remember not everything in life has to be a race. You are at risk of becoming overly confident so don’t forget to follow the rules to ensure safety for all. Perhaps today would be a good time to reconnect with old friends or maybe even make some new ones – look for like-minded people who share similar interests.


Try not to take things too seriously today Pisces and endeavour to give people the benefit of the doubt if you feel like they have intentionally offended you. Stay out of things that don’t concern you – your intentions may be good but sometimes meddling only makes a situation worse. Be clear about what you are putting your name to before signing any contracts or important documentation.