You may feel the need to solve any problems that crop up today, Aries. 



Aries will be interested in household issues and family matters now more so then ever – this will also include the wish to solve any problems that may arise throughout the day. You will also be very willing to help out a close pal or someone you have a tight knit relationship with. Numerous things may catch your attention today so think carefully before you allow something to distract you completely.


Important traits to possess today include kindness, friendliness and being there emotionally for others Taurus, but don’t beat yourself up if you feel as though you are struggling with any one in particular. Today is also a good time to focus more on your family and look at ways of brining people together. You may have to think outside the box slightly to make this a success.


Money will be on your mind today Gemini, and if you have some big purchases to make or indeed any necessary transactions to take care of now is the opportune time to do so. The morning time might make you begin to doubt things and you may start to feel as though you are somewhat limited in your choices and options. Try not to get too over whelmed, as the evening time is likely to bring you a much-needed solution.


Today is looking like it will be a good day for you Cancer and hopefully you will not have to deal with any unnecessary stressful situations – however the morning hours could test you somewhat so it’s best to be extra cautious until lunchtime. If you’re feeling like things are beginning to get on top of you then speaking to someone you trust about how you feel is a good way of coming up with a helpful solution.


Regardless of the effort you have been putting in lately to improve your situation and work towards a brighter future, it might seem like you’re hitting a brick wall and going forwards will require some perseverance. If something is meant to work out it will, so patience is advisable. Could a relationship of yours use some work or perhaps a clean break?


Confusion and misinterpretation will be the order of the day for you Virgo, or al least the morning hours anyway, and you will find yourself locking heads with those you are close to and family members. The things you will want most today are likely to be the things that are the furthest away. If there is an exciting event coming up in the next few weeks it is the perfect thing for you to look forward to.


The early hours might cause Libra to run into a spot of difficulty, either in a professional or a personal sense. Something may catch you off guard today and throw you so you might want take a little while to recover and come round from it. Over the nest few days or even week, you might end up meeting people from other parts of the world who will introduce you to their culture.


Good news for Scorpio’s today as they are likely to do well in pretty much any task they set their minds too. However you might find that this success doesn’t come without a few minor hiccups along the way. If financial worries have been on your mind, perhaps it is worth considering looking into a new way of making some extra money.


Despite what the day might throw at you and no matter how fed up you become, remember Sagittarius everything will work out all right in the end – you just have to keep this in mind when things get particularly difficult. In the past you may have been easily annoyed by the things other people do, however from now on and starting today you will be much calmer and accepting of others’ quirks and traits.


All important tasks and meetings should be held in the afternoon hours as the morning time is likely to be pretty tumultuous for you today, Capricorn. If you happen to have a little bit of a tiff with family, try not to let it bother you for the rest of the day also. Perhaps you could use some spare time today to work out if the things in your life are contributing to your happiness of taking away from it.


Aquarius, today is the perfect time to have a family get-together and talk through any issues you have been having with members of your family. You may feel surprisingly better afterwards and this will pave the way for everyone to move forwards. If you’re not feeling your best, a little sympathy and some TLC goes a long way towards a speedy recovery.


Apart from the first few hours of the morning, today will be relatively relaxed and comfortable for you Pisces. Now is the time to work on yourself, and perhaps even your career, so get going with a concrete plan for the future. If you have been in contact with someone whom you think may have romantic feelings for you, then you should organise a casual first date to see how they really feel.