Last minute study should be your top priority, Capricorn. 


Aries may begin to feel more romantic than ever this Tuesday and you may resort to unusual ways to show the person you love how you feel. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like your magnetic personality will work in your favour throughout the day. Try to not be offended if people in a position of power do not welcome your suggestions.


It helps to be tactful and mindful of other’s feelings when dealing with the people around you. It’s important to develop your views and an individual outlook on life and not feel like you have to conform to other people’s way of thinking. Everything is within your reach if you work hard enough. Be cautious of quick money schemes as they may not be a lucrative as they appear to be.


You may notice that the people you work with will be in a particularly good mood today and you will benefit from this greatly, however don’t start to think that you are more special than any of your colleagues. You might have said something to someone a few weeks back and now the thought that you may have hurt their feelings is crossing your mind.


Today looks like it will be a good day for you Cancer, as you will have lots of opportunities at your fingertips. You will find it a breeze to show the people around you, your skills and talents, which could lead to some unexpected, yet welcome, opportunities. Try not to be too hard on yourself as you may start to feel like you are fighting a loosing battle.


Leo may develop a fascination with getting their finances in order and also various other tasks that will make life little easier for them and their partner. You may be told some very crucial information, although you will be asked to keep this news to yourself for the time being. If there is a venture you would like to pursue but you lack the financial means, then it’s worth considering borrowing the money and paying it back when you’re in a more comfortable position.


The people Virgo surrounds themselves with this Tuesday will impress them greatly, with their decency and kindness. Any Virgos’ who were born in the middle of September, may begin to realise that now is a good time to change how they have been going about doing things and perhaps decide on adopting a better approach. Don’t give up and throw in the towel when life is not going your way.


Some important news that you have been waiting on for some time will arrive today and it will almost certainly lift your spirits, Libra. The everyday chores that you have on your to-to list will be completed much faster if you do it vigorously. If your work involves large expenses and money transactions then this Tuesday should be successful for this. A new idea might be a fun route to explore also.


Scorpio is likely to have been put through their fair share of trouble lately and they should take any chance they get throughout the day to rest up and chill out. Active exercise is great for both the mind and the body, however sports that are very rough are not for everyone’s liking. An ambitious personality will stand to you in years to come, but you may lack some direction and a clear plan going forwards.


Spending time with family and friends will be the perfect way for Sagittarius to pass away a couple of hours this afternoon. You may feel like you are closer to some family members compared to others, and closer again to friends than some people in your family. A good grasp of history and general knowledge will never go to waste Sagittarius. Taking a chance and doing something daring will be very difficult for you to do.


If you have some studying to do or last minute preparation for a work commitment to complete then today Capricorn should make an effort to focus their attention on these tasks. Don’t turn down the opportunity to become closer to someone in your life. The ability to be flexible and adapt to your surroundings is a quality that will most certainly work to your advantage.


Aquarius should work on their finances and be more aware of where their money is going today and not be tempted to get involved in any risky schemes. While you might have some of your best ideas in the morning hours it would be wise not to rush into anything too soon as you are likely to still have the opportunity to pursue these ventures until well into the evening. Taking a step back from a situation will give you time to think and perhaps even a new perspective.


Pisces should try not to worry about the things that might never happen and instead aim to focus on the things they have the power to control. Focusing your energy on current projects or plans is always a good distraction method and it is also a good opportunity to get a little extra work done. Get whatever it is that is bothering you off your chest, sooner rather than later; a second opinion or even having someone there to listen could do you the world of good.