Today is a good day for business meetings and trips, Scorpio. 


If there are a few things that you have had your eye on lately and have a little extra cash to spend this month then you should not feel guilty about these purchases; especially if they are necessary or household related items. However it’s always a good idea to endeavor to be practical about these things and not get distracted by more appealing options.


Taurus, if you’ve been thinking about or meaning to get back in touch with old friends that you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while, then today looks like it would be a good time to do just that! You may find that people are inclined to look to you for support and reassurance when they are in need of some guidance.


Gemini, you will be feeling particularly determined today and therefore it is highly likely that you will succeed at whatever it is that you set your mind to doing. If money is becoming an issue and stopping you from progressing in your lie, don’t be afraid to accept help from someone if they offer it to you. Aim to be a little more appreciative of the people around you.


Cancer, while you may not have the most stubborn personality, a tendency to always want just a little bit more and never being happy with what you have is one of your weaknesses. Try to remember this going forwards and aim to be content with what you have. If you have some exciting news or information that you can’t wait to share, hold off until the timing is right.


Leo would be wise to keep their head down and get on with their daily chores and duties today if they want things to keep running smoothly. If you have some purchases to make, then make sure that these are absolutely necessary and that you’re not being tempted by the things you want, as opposed to the things you actually need!


Virgo will have plenty of opportunities throughout the day to show off their talents and skills – without having to put in too much effort either. You may also get the chance to prove yourself in other ways too! You are also likely to be able to approach challenging or stressful situations with a positive attitude and it will take a lot to phase you this Tuesday.


Today Libra should have loads of time to deal with matters within the home; this may include things such as catching up on some cleaning or errands that need to be completed or perhaps there may be more serious family issues that need to be tackled. Your energy levels will be high and your mood will be determined which will help you greatly in all that you endeavor to do.


If you have any business meetings to hold or indeed any business trips that you need to take, then this Tuesday looks like the ideal time to do so. Why not tie this is with a little mid-week break for you and your partner? Surprise them with this idea and they are likely to be very pleased. Take some time to think about your family and friends today also; have you been doing all you can for them lately or have you let them down when they needed you?


Sagittarius, any money problems or financial issues that have been bothering you lately are likely to be solved or at least on the right track, by the end of the day. Try to resolve these matters as quickly and as efficiently as possible, without being tempted to go for the easy way out. Sometimes you have to put yourself last in order to keep the people who matter the most to you, happy.


Good news for you today Capricorn because it looks like you will be able to get your work finished on time and have an enjoyable time doing it as well. So much so that at times, it won’t necessary feel like work at all. If you’re currently getting to know someone new, then the days ahead could prove very insightful and helpful indeed. 


Concentrate on getting things in order at home throughout the day today, Aquarius, especially if financial issues are becoming something of a concern. Try to organize your time more efficiency; doing so will not only help you to get more out of your day, you might actually get to enjoy your evenings relaxing for a change!


Pisces, you may find yourself having to travel for work today; however, try to remember that this is necessary and will help your career to progress even further if all goes well. If you find that you are facing problems that seem a little out of your control, try to break them down into manageable chunks and deal with one issue at a time.