Your bad mood and odd behaviour might be a little much to handle today, Scorpio. 



You may be feeling more sensitive than usual today Aries and the things people say will have more of an effect on you than they would on a normal day. As a result other people may pick up on how you’re feeling and be extra cautious when they’re talking to you. An upcoming holiday or a trip that you have planned may leave you full of excitement or full of fear.


Chatting to others and engaging in interesting conversations will be a doodle for you today, Taurus. Equally you will draw conversation out of people who are usually pretty reserved. You will be the person keeping everybody together and feeling connected throughout the day. You will also be the life and soul of the party – no pressure!


Don’t fret if you’re not in the best frame of mind today Gemini, everybody has an ‘off’ day every once and a while – it happens and is absolutely allowed! On the other hand if you know where the root of the problem lies then perhaps it would be a good idea to talk things through with someone you trust and whom you know will give you the advice you need – not just tell you the things you want to hear. While at the time it may sound blunt remember that this type of advice is invaluable.


The majority of your attention will be taken up with personal affairs today; this could vary from family issues to situations relating to your career. If possible it’s a good idea to try and minimise your worries by aiming to be organised ahead of time and sticking to a schedule. A new outlook on life could help you to see solutions that you didn’t notice before.


You are likely to feel at your most content today when surrounded by those you care about most, so endeavour to stay in the company of these people. You will crave the attention of others also and the idea of spending the day alone will not appeal to you. Even though you may not be rolling in cash at the moment Leo, you might consider putting some money towards an investment that will make you more money in the long run.


Pondering and being a little nostalgic about the past will be something that takes your fancy today Virgo. While lost in your own thoughts you may even come up with some bright idea you had not thought about before. Unfortunately the stubborn part of your personality and your tendency to stick you heels in when you don’t feel like moving will be very apparent throughout the day.


Libra will succeed in all that they endeavor to do, provided they keep and pessimistic ponderings to the back of their mind. Making mistakes is only a failure if you don’t learn from them and continue to make the same errors. Regrettably your financial situation will not be in the best shape today and as a result paying off the money you owe might become a problem. A delicate subject may need to be handled in the most appropriate fashion.


Some people might find your behaviour a little off-putting today as your moods will be intense and a lot to handle at times so don’t be confused if they keep their distance from you. Those who know you well however, are likely to be unaffected by this. It would be wise for you to carefully rad the fine print before you sign your name on the dotted line today, as otherwise you might miss some important detail.


Be prepared as your past may be about to catch up with you today Sagittarius; some of which you may not wish to revisit. An old falling out from years ago may finally be put to rest as new information might come to light or you and the person in question may decide to resolve the issue once and for all. All of this problem solving will feel like you have had a weight lifted off your shoulders and help you to move forwards with a clear mind.


If your previous attempts at hatching a plan of action haven’t work out as you had envisioned them, might you think about starting over with a more realistic and practical system in place? Don’t be inclined to feel sorry for yourself and think that the odds are stacked against you because success if often achieved when we least expect it. Love or romance (or maybe even both if you’re lucky) could be in the air for you today Capricorn, so it’s not all bad is it?


It would be more advisable for Aquarius to focus their attention on getting their already existing projects under control and in a profitable state rather than rushing into their next venture right away. Also, don’t assume that you know it all, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a second opinion. Don’t work too hard though as you will burn yourself out – remember to enjoy yourself a little too, that’s important!


Pisces will enjoy the unlikely and the original today as they will be eager to try something new away from the safety net and things that are familiar to them. You may have to come up with a very unconventional idea in order to achieve the success you desire. A new friend or an acquaintance you meet could have a positive effect on your life.