Don’t be so quick to loose your temper today, Gemini.



Aries, it would be wise for you to take the things you hear and the news you receive with a pinch of salt this Tuesday. Particularly if your sources aren’t the most trustworthy of people or if you think they may be trying to somehow sabotage you.


Unfortunately, it seems as though this Tuesday will not be the most pleasant of days for you Taurus, as the chances of you getting some bad news are very high. Someone who did you a favour will expect the same in return, much sooner than expected!


Gemini, even though certain people may irritate you more than usual throughout the day, it’s best of you try and avoid confrontation wherever possible. If they are really getting on your nerves, just walk away from the situation. This should help you to calm down and feel more relaxed.


You may run into a few problems which carrying out chores around the house or even general handy work this Tuesday, Cancer. Be careful if using dangerous items, or even things that look pretty harmless. Don’t be too proud to ask for help.


Meeting new people, that one day may even become family, is something Leo will experience today. You’ll want them to like you so making a good impression will be essential. However, you won’t be the only one being judged; you will also do the same to a new partner of a close relative.


Virgo, if you can this Tuesday don’t allow yourself to get too worked up by people who are purposely trying to get a rise out of you. If they succeed in making you angry, then they have control over the situation. Instead, be the bigger person and ignore these remarks.


Feeling like you’ve done and are continuing to do a good job will be something Libra will delight in hearing today. Even though you don’t necessarily do your job for praise alone, its nice when your hard work is acknowledged. A good friend will be very supportive towards you.


There’s a good chance you will fall victim to some sort of money making scheme this Tuesday Scorpio. Therefore you will have to make sure you have your wits about you when signing up for something unusual or anything that seems risky.


Sagittarius, it’s true that sometimes you have to spend money to make money, however today is unlikely to be one of those days for you. Hold off on investing any more money – and time for that matter – into a project, until you’re sure it’s worth it.


Dealing with problems and figuring out a solution to these on your own, is something Capricorn will likely have to face today. While this is not the most pleasant task, it will show you how strong and independent you can be!


Even though you may feel as though someone is asking too much of you and your abilities today Aquarius, do what you can to get the job done as best you can. Someone may surprise you with how understanding they can be.


Pisces, you’ll feel extremely content and happy within yourself this Tuesday and this confidence will be obvious to those around you. Career wise, things will be going really well and the people you work with, along with your boss, will be pleased with your progress.