Don’t get mad at the wrong person today, Aquarius.



Aries, you will be brave and willing to take a few risks today. Others will be impressed with your headstrong attitude and this may have an effect on them to be more like you. If people don’t trust you, then perhaps that’s their problem.


You will have your wits about you today Taurus, and being on top of your duties and working to a schedule are things you will become a pro at! If you have a job to do, you will be eager to preform this to the best of your ability.


Gemini, you will be somewhat of a social butterfly this Tuesday where entertaining guests and being part of interesting conversations will come very naturally to you. Be cautious about telling someone an important piece of information as it has the potential to become gossip.


Don’t sweat the small stuff today Cancer, as it’s likely there will be much bigger fish to fry in time to come, so worrying about things that aren’t exactly necessary, seems a bit silly! As you’re naturally a sensitive person you will take other people’s feelings into account as well.


Leo, your inability to completely trust people will play up big time today and this may even end up hurting someone you’re very close to. You may not want to admit this, but being a people pleaser can be very tiring at times and no matter what, there will always be someone with a negative comment!


Staying at home if you have a lot to get through this Tuesday is probably the most sensible thing you could do, Virgo. Try not to let other people distract you from your responsibilities because, ultimately, you are the one who will pay the price.


Libra, if you’ve a lot on your plate today then you may being to feel like everything is caving in around you at once! The best way to deal with this is to take a few minutes alone, removing yourself from the situation.


You might be a little bit uneasy today about certain things you have going on at present, however try not to let your personal life interfere with your career and your friendships. This could have a lasting effect, long after the other matter has sorted itself out.


You’ll find that communication really will be key this Tuesday Sagittarius and the more you talk things through with the people around you, the easier your life will be! Your intuition will serve you well also and you’ll be able to tell how people are feeling.


Capricorn the (not so nice) task of keeping everyone on their ties throughout the day will, unfortunately, fall on your shoulders this Tuesday. Your responsible nature and ability to demand authority will both contribute to this.


Even though you may have a lot on your mind and there’s probably even more you would like to say if given the chance, today you should be careful how you talk to people and address your problems. If you’re holding onto a lot of anger you may hit out at the wrong person.


Pisces, unfortunately it seems as though your will power will not be at it’s strongest throughout the day and other people will easily be able to sway you in the wrong direction. Try your best to resist this and don’t be led astray.