Your newfound success may also bring with it some negatives today, Gemini. 



You may be feeling a little anxious and not particularly at ease in the morning hours. If there are certain tasks that you have to complete today, then the evening time of this Tuesday looks like the best time to get these done – especially if they are of a personal nature. It seems as though your imagination and entrepreneurial streak will also be present throughout the day.


Unfortunately Taurus, it seems as though the beginning of the day will be somewhat stressful for you and as a result, your usual energetic spirit will not be as strong as it normally is. There may be some unexpected events that take place, which means you will have to rearrange your plans at short notice; if you can, try no to get too bothered by these.


Gemini, today will be somewhat of a double-edged sword, as your recent successes will bring you great happiness but also some negative side effects as well. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find that you’re not prepared for every eventuality; sometimes you just have to deal with things as they happen.


Cancer, it’s likely that you will be in a good place this morning, as the fortunate circumstances you have experienced recently will have left you feeling on top of the world. However, as the days go on you may realise that you’re slowly, but surely, coming back towards reality. You will have the ability to think quickly and, if required, make decisions on the spot.


Today doesn’t look like the best time for Leo to undertake or indeed try out any new ventures and it’s probably best for them to concentrate on the things they are currently working on instead. You may also be feeling the after effects of some expensive purchase and may begin to regret your decision. A few unusual ideas might also be presented to you.


The morning hours may lead Virgo to discover some less than welcome truths and as a result, they may begin to question some of the people they thought they could trust. Any Virgo’s who were born in September would be wise to take extra care when starting anything new today. You may find it tricky to concentrate and stay focused on one thing at a time, also.


Libra, if you haven’t been feeling yourself lately and this concerns you then you would be wise to get this checked out. Try to limit the things you find yourself fretting over; think about them rationally and analyse if they are a necessary worry or not. Things may begin to get somewhat busier over the coming days so be prepared for a heavy workload.


You’re likely to be able to spot something that has the potential to go wrong, even when other people seem to be oblivious to this. Speak up in time or you may regret it otherwise. If there is something that has been on your mind and you haven’t dealt with it properly, then today seems like the right time to finally address the issue.


If you’re a Sagittarius who was born in the month of December, then unfortunately today looks like it could hold some stumbling blocks for you. Working under pressure and strict supervision is also likely, so remember to stay calm to avoid mistakes and discrepancies. If you feel like you are in control of all that is happening around you, be careful that you don’t get too comfortable, too soon.


Capricorn should only work on documentation or paperwork that is absolutely essential this Tuesday. Try to avoid unnecessary trips and journeys also. An unexpected event may take place that will catch you off guard. The steady progress you have been making in your career lately, may start to slow down in the coming weeks.


Despite your best efforts, looking at things from a practical point of view is unlikely to help matters this Tuesday, Aquarius. If possible, your best bet is to remain composed and simply go with the flow. Don’t become complacent; double check your work and make sure there is nothing important or urgent that you have forgotten to complete!


Today and particularly in the latter hours of the day Pisces may discover that some of their plans are unlikely to become a reality and this may be hard to for them to acknowledge and accept. Endeavour to rely on your best qualities and strengths throughout the day. Try and not make the same mistake twice; learn from them and aim try to avoid this in the future.