Adopt a more lighthearted approach to difficult situations, Capricorn. 



Aries you would be wise to hold off on going on any long journeys, romantic dates or even taking part in any important business meetings today. There may be some obstacles put in your way throughout the day that you won’t be able to plan for ahead of time. If you’re in desperate need of an answer, sometimes the harder you look the less you find.


Taurus, the morning hours are the best time of the day to complete any chores or household tasks that require some finishing touches! You could find that your ideas and the decisions you make will be largely dependent on your current situation. Family issues and dealing with any problems that may be going on will be your focus in the evening hours.


If you’re inclined to make impulsive decisions, that are not exactly well thought out, then today you should make a conscious effort to try and avoid these actions, especially if you’re dealing with money or finances. Problems or difficulties from the past could make a re-appearance today. Approach all situations with rationality and practicality.


Cancer, it looks like your hopes and fears for something will be equally strong and present throughout the day. Endeavour to put the things that scare you to one side and concentrate on the possibilities the good has to offer. You might be inclined to be little more emotional that you usually are throughout the day, and the reason for this could be that you have a lot going on all at once!


Leo, you may unexpectedly discover who your real friends are today, and those who are not. While it’s nice to see the good in people, sometimes you have to be smart and see people for what they really are. Perhaps you have been considering taking a trip or going on a holiday, and if so then today looks like the perfect time to start planning.


Virgo, it would be best to put any long-term plans you may be dreaming about on hold for the time being. It is possible that someone will go back on their word and deny something they said, throwing your day into a bit of a mess. Your passion for a particular subject could see you having a heated discussion with someone who has a difference of opinion.


Meeting new people from various walks of life and cultures could be an interesting way to spend some time throughout the day Libra. It’s never a bad idea to remember where you’ve come from and what you’ve been through, however try to adopt a more optimistic, positive approach going forwards.


The morning hours are the best time of the day to try something new such as a new hobby or even joining a class perhaps. Be extremely cautious when it comes to dealing with machinery or electrical items throughout the day, Scorpio as you might notice a problem or a fault of some kind. Separating your emotions and feelings from the decisions you make could be difficult.


Unfortunately it looks as though this Tuesday will be a tricky one for you Sagittarius, so if possible try not to undertake any unnecessary tasks that could cause added stress. Any Sagittarius’ born in the middle of December might be feeling as though they don’t have as much power or control over their current situation as they would like. An interesting idea could take your fancy.


Even though it’s pretty difficult at the time, try to look at hurdles and stumbling blocks in a humorous light, as this will in no doubt help to make the whole situation more amusing. If you’re feeling particularly inspired today then it’s best to act on it now instead of waiting until another time.


It’s possible that an idea or plan you had in mind for some time may not turn out the way you had hoped it would today Aquarius. However, this doesn’t mean that these should be forgotten about indefinitely, with the exception of a few minor changes along the way. Your emotions could be running high over the coming days.


While you may have thought that certain problems and issues dealt with in the past were behind you, today they could make themselves known once again. Any Pisces’ who were born in mid-March will have to take it easy this morning and be careful not to overdo it. The people we associate ourselves with often have more of an impact on our decisions than we realise.