Embrace change this Tuesday, Aquarius.



Aries, today you should embrace change and all that goes with it, so why not stay on the lookout for new things that you have not considered before? However, remember to be cautious about some of these endeavours as you might be acting a little more daring that you had realised.


Even though you may get slightly bored at times, you will learn today Taurus that sometimes the safe option s the best one to choose. This, along with a calm attitude to unusual circumstances will see you through whatever you face today. The friendships you form today will be based on something different and possibly more meaningful.


Gemini, this Tuesday you will be done with the familiar and all the things in your life that you can predict; you’ll be ready to inject some more fun into your everyday routine also. Your future and what you see yourself doing in time to come will see you making some important decisions.


Today Cancer might have to deal with something they have been subconsciously avoiding for some time now. This, however will only work for so long and eventually you will have t face this issue head on. Any June born Cancerians will have to rethink some of the plans they have made recently.


Leo, it looks like you’re in luck this Tuesday as it’s unlikely you will have to put in too much effort for things to go the way you had planed today. While it seems as though change is afoot, the differences you experience in your own life will be ones that are greatly welcomed.


Virgo, it’s possible that you have lent your time and expertise to a project recently in order to help someone out; however, it should be noted that these plan might change suddenly over the next couple of days. Friendships and the connections you make with others will be long lasting.


Perhaps you are slightly bored of your current routine and therefore and looking for some fun and excitement to make things more interesting; this could lead you to forming a new plan of action with loads of possibilities for the future. Your other half might not be that familiar to you today, and possibly even acting a little strange.


Your responsibilities may change somewhat throughout the course of the day this Tuesday Scorpio, so don’t be too surprised if you suddenly have to deal with tasks that are unfamiliar and slightly overwhelming. It’s also possible that a change of career might be on your horizons as well.


Sagittarius should put all inhibitions that have been holding them back recently to one side today, and take a step towards achieving what they have been dreaming of for some time now! Don’t shy away from going after something you know you would excel at!


Any Capricorns born in the month of December should expect some big changes today. These are likely to effect their household or family life. While you might not see them straight away, in time they will become much more clear.


Aquarius, in keeping with your personality (if you’re a typical Aquarius that is) you’ll be on the lookout for changes, both big and small and possibly even some excitement thrown in for good measure. You might experience some differences in your social life; perhaps people are acting differently towards you, or maybe it is you who feels differently about them.


Unfortunately for you Pisces, this Tuesday does not seem like the best time to count your chickens before they hatch, so to speak. Therefore it’s best if you only rely on what you can be absolutely sure of, and leave it until another day to try your luck.