You’ll have a tendency to procrastinate today, Capricorn.



Aries the day’s events will mean you will have a lot to think about today; some surprising incident are likely to be very difficult at the time but will make other things very clear for you in the long run. Material objects will have much less importance to you also.


You might have to take care of some important official business today, which could include paperwork or other documents like this. This has the potential to take up a lot of time and eat into your day so make a start on it early to avoid wasting loads of time later on.


This Tuesday Gemini would be wise to listen to the advice of elders and people who are willing to give them some tips. If there is someone in your workplace that you can look up to and take some inspiration from the you should most definitely do so.


Cancer, you won’t be feeling yourself today and will have a lot on your plate. This will be a good distraction as it will keep you busy throughout the day. Take care and make sure you don’t over do it. A few days rest will do you the world of good.


Leo, good news for you today as you’re likely to be in the best of moods this Tuesday. Your content auttitude will make you a great person and loads of fun to be around. You’re likely to have lots of social events on your calendar because of this.


You will have someone strong on your side throughout the day today Virgo; this person will look out for you and bet there when you need them the most. Who this person turns out to be might surprise you however. Show people that you are determined and will work hard.


Libra, you will be looking for information of some kind, or possibly an answer to a question you never realised was so important until now. If you find what you’re looking for, try not to gloat around others who aren’t so fortunate. A funny coincidence will have a big effect on you.


You are likely to get back in touch with someone you’ve not been in contact with for a long time. While this reunion might be a little bitter sweet at the beginning, you will realise that the reason you two lost contact in the first place, is rather pretty unimportant now.


Even though you might come up against some big challenges throughout the day Scorpio and be faced with circumstances that you are very unfamiliar with, you will show others your strength and ability to cope with whatever life throws at you!


It looks like Capricorn will do their best in order to get out of doing something they would much rather avoid. While this might seems like the best idea at the time, it’s better to get these tasks over and done with so that they don’t become such a big deal.


Aquarius, this Tuesday will be all about up-skilling and learning new things. If you’re feeling somewhat anxious about this prospect then have no fear that you will be more than capable of measuring up to everyone else. Have more self-confidence and belief in yourself!


Regardless of how lucky you have been in the past, today it looks like a much stronger idea for Pisces to go after things they want themselves, and not rely on luck to get them through. This will help you to feel more of a sense of achievement and will help your confidence to grow for the future.